I Only Used Drunk Elephant Skincare for 2 Months

Every one has been talking about Drunk Elephant
lately, so naturally I needed to see for myself if these products were worth the hype, so
back in mid-May I started transitioning my entire skincare routine over to Drunk Elephant
products and I have been using them exclusively for 2 months, now the only exceptions being
makeup remover because I do like to double cleanse and Drunk Elephant doesn’t currently
have like a cleansing balm or cleansing oil, and I have used a couple face masks from other
brands along the way. I just have to say I have only been wearing
tinted moisturizer recently, that’s all I’ve been wearing in my past few videos and that’s
what I have on today, no foundation, no CC Cream, just tinted moisturizer and a few dabs
of concealer. I’ve been keeping it pretty minimal and I
will link the tinted moisturizer down below because I know some of you guys will be curious. Even though my face makeup today is fairly
minimal I do want to include a photo of my bare skin from a couple weeks ago, full transparency
though at the moment I am having a pretty bad hormonal breakout on my upper lip, I recently
had my period and it just kind of exploded in that area so I am wearing a bit of extra
concealer in that area today but just to keep it fully real here’s a photo of me from this
week with my breakouts that I have been experiencing just because I don’t want you guys to think
I’m like hiding anything or being dishonest by wearing makeup in a skincare review. Aside from that my skin has been really clear
and it’s just kind of unfortunate timing that I am doing this review and I happen to have
this bad hormonal breakout. Drunk Elephant products are free of essential
oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens, fragrance, dyes and sodium lauryl
sulphate and they have a focus on compatible ingredients that work well together to be
effective and also products that are going to work with and support your skin’s natural
pH levels. Drunk Elephant has an interesting philosophy
that there are no skin types, skin is skin, so all of their products are formulated to
work for everyone. There will be a little blurb in the description
box talking about my skin type and my history with my skin for those of you who might be
new to my channel. I feel weird saying that in a video about
a brand that doesn’t believe in skin types but it’ll be there. I really like that the packaging is functional
and colourful albeit a little bit bulky for some of the products. All of the serums and things like that twist
up like this to dispense the product and then the moisturizers come in these hygienic air
tight jars where you press down to release the product so you’re not opening the product
every time and exposing it to air or dipping your fingers in and contaminating it. All of the products do have the key ingredient
on the front which I find really nice. The one big con about the packaging is that
you’re going to have no clue when you’re getting low on the product. Before we dive in and really break down this
routine, I just want to give a quick disclaimer and that is that these products were sent
to me by Drunk Elephant but this video is NOT sponsored. People always have a tendency to think that
these one-brand videos are sponsored but that is not the case, I always disclose when a
post or video of mine is sponsored to you guys because one, I’m not about breaking the
law and two, I’m not about compromising my integrity. My relationships with brands and how I obtain
the products does NOT influence my opinion, have brands stopped sending me products as
a result of my honest feedback? Yes, but those aren’t the brands I want to
be working with anyways. But finally before we get into it, all of
the products in todays video will be linked down below, but let’s get in to the Drunk
Elephant products. So the first product we’re going to take a
look at is the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, now this is actually the only Drunk Elephant
product I had really tried out prior so I pretty much already had an opinion on it. I wouldn’t really describe the texture of
this as a jelly, but rather just a regular gel cleanser. The term jelly made me expect something a
little bit more viscous, with a slightly cushiony kind of feel but it’s really just your run-of-the-mill
fluid gel cleanser so that kind of confused me a little bit. I am a bit biased because I do prefer more
creamy, milky, hydrating cleansers but I do usually keep a lathering gel cleanser like
this on hand for occasional use when I feel like my skin just needs a slightly more deeper
clean. So putting my personal bias aside, I do think
this is a really solid gentle gel cleanser. Like I said I do double cleanse, so I can’t
speak to how this removes a full face of makeup, they do say that is one of the benefits is
removing makeup, but it does remove any residual makeup or any mascara really well. A really little bit of this cleanser does
go a long way and it does leave my skin feeling very clean but also balanced. Because they do use a mild surfactant blend
to create the lather in this product, it isn’t too soapy or sudsy or stripping by any means,
it actually is a little bit creamy still so I do really enjoy that. One thing I’ve noticed about Drunk Elephant
is that they really seem to take customer feedback into account and tweak their products
accordingly, which is really commendable in my opinion. I know that recently they did change the packaging
and the formula of this cleanser, the packaging originally did have like a twist up cap and
people were complaining that it was leaking and I believe there was also a complaint that
the original formula was stinging peoples’ eyes, I have really sensitive eyes and I don’t
find this stings unless I really get it directly in my eye. I can use it on my eyes no problem for the
most part. I think if this type of cleanser appeals to
you, it’s definitely worth checking out but just because it’s not my personal preference
I don’t plan on repurchasing it. Next up is the TLC Sukari Babyfacial and I’m
just going to come right out and say it, I love this product. My expectations were set very high and they
definitely lived up to all the hype that this product has gotten. The Sukari Babyfacial is a face mask that
contains 25% AHA and 2% BHA, so it’s essentially a very potent weekly at-home peel. I have a video all about chemical exfoliation
and AHAs and BHAs and what they do for your skin so if you’re not familiar you should
definitely watch that video, it will be linked in the usual places but basically this product
is extremely effective for breaking down dead skin cells and resurfacing the skin, clearing
out those pores, brightening the skin, evening the skins tone and texture. Just keep in mind the professional chemical
peel I recently had done contained 30% AHA, so this is really on par with a more gentle,
professional chemical peel. So basically you use this product once a week,
you apply it after cleansing your skin, leave it on for 20 minutes and then just rinse it
off. I would recommend using it at night time because
the AHA in it will make your skin more photosensitive and prone to sun damage. If you do use it during the day just make
sure you apply a heavy amount of SPF. The first couple times I used this mask it
tingled a little bit but it never stung or anything like that. This product does also contain ingredients
like matcha and milk thistle to soothe the skin which I think creates a really nice balance. If you do have a breakout or anything like
that it will sting on that area for about 30 seconds or so but that’s normal because
the skin there is typically broken. The immediate results I saw with this mask
were how well it works for texture, if I use this at night and I have a breakout on my
skin, when I wake up in the morning my breakout will essentially be flattened out. One of the things I was really nervous about
with switching over my skincare routine was the little just kind of congested bumps and
texture that I’m prone to with my skin but I definitely have not had to worry about that
at all with this product in my routine. It really takes care of any little bit of
texture, my skin has been so smooth since I’ve been using this. Interestingly I feel like I didn’t notice
a huge difference in brightening and fading my hyper pigmentation at first with this mask,
it took probably about 4 to 5 uses until I started seeing more drastic results in that
department but once I did, you guys know I fell even more in love with it. The Sukari Babyfacial is definitely one of
my top favourites from the line, it has such a great blend of ingredients to just resurface
and smooth the skin, but also hydrate and nourish it and soothe and reduce redness and
just overall renew and refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Unfortunately, the Sukari Babyfacial is not
available in Canada. From my understanding it is an ingredient
issue, we have pretty strict regulations on what can be in products that we sell here
in Canada so I believe the issue is that we can’t sell a product that has such a high
level of AHAs over the counter here. If you are able to get your hands on this
though, you need to try it out, don’t sleep on this product you guys. It definitely lives up to its reputation,
it’s a game changing product and one of the best, most effective masks I have ever tried. Oh and really quickly I just want to add,
when you do buy the Sukari Babyfacial it does include a little sample of their virgin marula
oil because they do say for best results, after you remove the Babyfacial you should
apply this oil, so typically on the nights where I do use the Babyfacial I just apply
this after and I’m good to go, that’s my entire skincare routine. This little vial is only 3ml but because it
is so pure and potent you only need 2 to 3 drops for your entire face. So even though I have used the Babyfacial,
what? 10 times now? I actually haven’t run out of this sample
which is pretty amazing. When I do run out, this is actually at the
top of my list for items to repurchase. I used to be obsessed with beauty oils but
I just kind of gradually stopped using them over the years and using them again has definitely
reminded me why I loved beauty oils so much and marula oil in particular is really rich
in vitamin E which is really great for healing the skin, it also contains omegas 6 and 9
and it has antimicrobial properties to prevent breakouts and it just absorbs really well
and leaves my skin super glowy so definitely am going to pick this up. Moving on to serums, the Drunk Elephant serums
were definitely what I was most intrigued by and most excited to try, starting off with
the C-Firma Day Serum. This is a vitamin C serum that contains 15%
L-ascorbic acid which for those of you who don’t know, that’s just vitamin C, it’s vitamin
C in it’s purest form. You guys know I’m all over vitamin C serums,
they are a staple in my routine and I have tried many of them over the years for my hyper
pigmentation so I was really excited to try this one. When it comes to highly concentrated vitamin
C serums, there are a couple trends and common factors that I have noticed. First is the texture, they tend to have a
very sticky texture and leave the skin feeling very tacky. And the second is the smell, I’ve described
this smell in the past as “pupperoni” like to me it smells like a smoky, meaty dog treat. I’ve heard other people describe it as smelling
like nail polish remover or chemical-ly, that’s just what it smells like to me. So those two things are definitely things
I think you should be aware of if those things are going to bother you. Honestly, the texture and the tackiness of
vitamin C bothers me more than the smell. Vitamin C boosts your collagen production,
it brightens and targets dark spots and hyper pigmentation, and it is also a powerful antioxidant
to fight free radicals and signs of aging. This particular serum also does contain kind
of an ingredient powerhouse of other brightening ingredients such as pumpkin, grape, liquorice
root, etcetera. I’m sure you guys already know this about
me but I’m super into ingredients, I love looking at ingredients in skincare and knowing
exactly what they’re going to do for your skin and what effect they will have. So I love looking at the ingredients on Drunk
Elephant products for this reason because like I said they do have a focus on ingredients
that are going to be compatible and work together so it’s kind of like an addiction for me to
like read ingredients, I could go so in-depth on the ingredients in all these products but
this video would be like 7 hours long. If you were to ask me if this was an effective
product I would say definitely, it has shown me results, it has brightened up my skin and
continued to fade my acne scarring and even out my skin tone. Is it totally unique to other vitamin C serums
I have tried? Not particularly. My main issue is the sticky texture because
this is a day serum and of course that is how I have been testing it out for the past
couple months. I typically only use my vitamin C serums at
night because of this because like I said that stickiness is very common. I just don’t like using a sticky product on
my skin in the morning because I feel like that’s all I can feel on my skin for the entire
day, and I don’t necessarily love applying makeup over that kind of texture either but
I don’t know, that’s just me. I think now that I’m done the kind of testing
period for these products I’m going to start using this at night and alternate between
this and the TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum which I’m going to talk about momentarily. I’m just iffy on the price of this one because
I don’t feel like there’s anything huge that sets it apart from the other more affordable
vitamin C serums that I’ve tried. But who knows, I might change my mind once
I start using this at night and getting a little more comfortable with it. One thing I will say that is great is the
packaging. Vitamin C is an active ingredient and it is
unstable as a result so it is affected by exposure to air and light and things like
that and most of the vitamin C serums I have tried do come in clear glass jars which does
cause the product to break down faster and become less effective over time. So the packaging on this is definitely an
A+. Now the TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum,
this bad boy contains a 12% AHA/BHA blend. They say that the Sukari Babyfacial is your
weekly mask and this product is your daily maintenance because they do contain a lot
of similar ingredients. They are going to have similar effects in
terms of resurfacing the skin and cleaning out your pores. Personally my skin has always responded extremely
well to a daily chemical exfoliation in terms of keeping my skin clear. So I knew this product would probably be a
hit for me and it is. Once again if you haven’t seen my video on
chemical exfoliation and you don’t understand how it works, please go check out that video
I worked super hard on it and it’s super informational. It’s really important to understand how chemical
exfoliation plays a role in keeping your skin clear and preventing acne because finding
the right exfoliant is crucial when you do have breakout prone skin. Once again I do have some breakouts on my
upper lip, it is a hormonal breakout I feel like sometimes when it comes to your hormones
and breaking out there’s just nothing you can do, you can try and minimize it and prevent
it as much as possible but in the end sometimes it just still happens. But aside from that once again my skin has
been extremely clear for these past couple months while I’ve been using this. They do say when you start to use this serum
you might experience a little bit of light tingling on the skin for the first few days
or so and I definitely did experience that but there’s been no stinging, burning, irritation,
anything like that which is really important because AHAs and glycolic acid can sensitize
your skin when they aren’t properly formulated. Overall I actually really prefer this serum
over the C-Firma Day Serum. If you are wondering, you just want to pick
one of the two, I would recommend this guy. While they do have a similar price tag I would
feel way more confident repurchasing this product because it is one of the best daily
chemical exfoliants and serums I have tried. I think when it comes to their AHA chemical
exfoliating products Drunk Elephant has really hit the nail on the head and created really
fantastic formulas. Next up this is the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration
Gel. I found this product confusing at first because
whenever I’ve read reviews, or saw someone else talk about this product in a video, they’ve
been using it as moisturizer so that’s initially how I started trying it out as well. I was using this as my day cream in the morning
and immediately upon trying it out I was like this doesn’t really feel that hydrating, it
has a really nice texture it’s really refreshing and cooling and my skin really does just drink
it up, but I was like this doesn’t feel like a moisturizer, it isn’t hydrating the surface
of my skin adequately. So I actually ended up reaching out to a friend
of mine who works for Drunk Elephant and I was like okay, what’s the deal with this product? Is it a moisturizer or is it more like a serum
or booster? And he said that it is a serum and it is actually
meant to be mixed in with their other products. So I actually looked and compared this product
on Sephora and the Drunk Elephant website and on the Drunk Elephant website the name
of the product is different. It’s not called the hydration gel, it’s called
the hydration serum which makes a lot more sense so I’m not sure if that’s just something
they’re changing over to make it a little bit more clear but I just found that interesting. So when I reached out to my friend I was actually
already using it a serum because like I said it just didn’t feel right as moisturizer,
but he really urged me to mix it in with their moisturizers or even with their virgin marula
oil and I have to say, since I started using it that way this product has really grown
on me. Basically this product is formulated with
a lot of great humectant ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamin B5, just
ingredients that will really bind that moisture to the skin and pull it in deeper to give
you really intensive levels of hydration as the name would imply. But in order to get that hydration you do
need to be layering it or mixing it with something that’s going to give you that moisture in
the first place. I feel like it’s really brought up the hydration
levels in my skin and really plumped my skin which you guys know that’s just one of my
favourite things ever, when your skin is just like so juicy and plump and deeply hydrated,
it’s just the best thing ever. But this is for sure another product I would
repurchase, I already know this is going to be great in winter when it does get especially
dry here, and especially in that like transitional period when you’re going from fall to winter
and your skin gets kind of out whack and dehydrated and like a little bit flaky. Or I feel like this would also be great for
travelling too, like the next time I’m getting on a plane I’m going to drench my skin in
this product. For the actual moisturizer I have been using
the Protini Polypeptide cream. I would actually describe this as more of
a gel cream because it’s fairly light and it has that slightly translucent quality that
a gel moisturizer would have. You guys know I don’t typically love gels
or gel creams, so I was pretty shocked by how much I actually really like this moisturizer,
it’s another one of my favourites from the line. Just like the B-Hydra, it has this very refreshing
kind of quality and it’s good for morning and night and under makeup and all that jazz. This moisturizer is definitely geared mostly
towards anti-aging, repairing and renewing the skin with that peptide blend that it contains
and promoting the skins elasticity. It also has ingredients to help repair your
skin after sun exposure and inhibit your melanin production. One thing that I’ve been really happy about
as I have dived deeper into all the ingredients of these Drunk Elephant products, they all
seem to contain ingredients that will help target my number one skincare concern which
is brightening and hyper pigmentation so I’ve been pretty thrilled with that, like even
this which is more about like elasticity, firmness, wrinkles, everything like that,
it still has ingredients that will help brighten and even your skin tone. I don’t have too much more to stay about this
moisturizer because I can’t really speak to the effects it has on anti-aging because I
am so young, but I do really like the feel of it and overall it really does seem to agree
with my skin, so this is another one I would repurchase. And this mixture you guys, these two together
is such as dreamy combination. I pump the moisturizer out through here, like
I said it has these kind of like vacuum pumps, and I just add the B-Hydra in with it, mix
it together and apply it and the texture of it is just phenomenal. The C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream, I have
really mixed feelings about this product. I started using it back in mid-May like I
said and everything was totally fine for awhile. I was actually really enjoying it, my sleep
schedule has been awful for these past few months and I feel like it really was making
a noticeable difference in my dark circles. But then after using it for about 2 to 3 weeks
or so I started noticing it would sting my under eyes when I applied it, but only sometimes. And I couldn’t really pin point what the issue
was, what was causing this kind of reaction so I started reading more reviews and watching
more videos on Drunk Elephant products and from what I’ve learned this isn’t a super
uncommon issue with this eye cream. Some other people were saying they felt like
it stung when they applied it fresh out of the shower or if it kind of overlapped with
their other products but I’m not totally sure. I did keeping using it for awhile though but
it got to the point where it was starting to burn pretty much every time I applied it
so this is the one product I did discontinue using and I’m pretty bummed about that because
I stopped using it probably a few weeks ago now and my dark circles have gotten worse
again which sucks. This is the only product from Drunk Elephant
that I’ve tried that I’ve had any kind of adverse reaction to which I’m pretty bummed
about because like I said, I was enjoying it in the beginning. I might revisit it and use it occasionally
in the future to see if I can figure out what is causing that reaction but as for now, this
product is a pass for me. Let’s talk Drunk Elephant SPF. I’ve primarily been using the Umbra Tinte
Physical Daily Defense with SPF 30, like I said Drunk Elephant doesn’t use any chemical
sunscreens, it is a physical sunscreen that contains 20% zinc oxide. Physical sunscreens tend to be good news for
those of us with sensitive skin and they are just healthier for the skin in general. This does also contain antioxidant ingredients
and soothing aloe vera. I want to talk about the tint of this product
first. Back when I started using this SPF in May,
the colour was just kind of like a hair too dark for me, like I could get away with using
it but you could tell it was a little bit too dark. So if you are any lighter than my usual skin
tone, this product isn’t really going to work for you. They do say that this is meant to be suitable
for all skin tones but I feel like they’re just addressing the white cast kind of factor
that physical SPFs can have because like just looking at this there’s no way that it’s going
to match absolutely everyone. The tint doesn’t really give much coverage,
it will kind of lightly even everything out though and give your skin a bit of colour. The texture is a little thick for me and it
kind of stayed a little bit tacky on the skin throughout the entire day if I wasn’t wearing
makeup which I didn’t love. So out of curiosity I went to Sephora and
got a couple samples of their Umbra Sheer SPF 30 which is just a regular sunscreen without
a tint and I actually much preferred the consistency of that. It’s got kind of your average thinner sunscreen
consistency but it doesn’t give any white cast like their website says. So overall, if you’re looking to Drunk Elephant
for SPF I would recommend the Umbra Sheer over the Umbra Tinte because the consistency
is just more pleasant in my opinion and it’s going to be suitable for far more people. Now I did also get a sample of their new D-Bronzi
Anti Pollution Sunshine Serum and I am 100% going to purchase that product, I am in love
with it. This is a bronzy glowy serum that you can
mix in with any of your products. When you first pump it out it looks super
intense but mixed in with your moisturizer it just gives your skin the most beautiful,
radiant bronze glow and it’s actually quite natural. This product is a must if you are like me
and you don’t self tan your face or just in general you wear makeup and your face doesn’t
get as naturally tan as your body, just to really even everything out especially on those
makeup free days because it will give you those skincare benefits, a beautiful glow
and balance out your skin tone without looking or feeling like you are wearing makeup. So that’s another like top must-have for me,
I’m going to buy that immediately. Finally and very quickly, the Lippe balm. You guys, this is the only lip balm I have
used for the past 10 weeks, that’s how committed I have been to testing out these products
and you can see I have just about nothing left in it, I’m almost out of it. So I always categorize my lip balms into summer
and winter and this one is definitely a summer lip balm for me because it is lighter, I don’t
know if it would stand the Canadian winter test because I do tend to like a thicker lip
balm in like a squeezy tube for the winter time. But it has kept my lips in great shape all
summer, I haven’t had any dryness or flakiness on my lips. The size of it was a little bit weird to get
used to at first but I did adjust to it pretty quickly but I can see it being pretty annoying
if you do have like really thin lips. Overall, now that I’m getting kind of low
on this product I’m like starting to be kind of sad. I feel like there are people who are willing
to buy high end lip balms and then people who just aren’t, if you are someone who does
like trying high end lip balm I think this one is worth trying, I would repurchase this
but I will probably wait until next spring because fall and winter are going to be here
before we know it. Oh my goodness you guys, we made it through
all of the products, this video must be so long so thank you so much if you are still
watching and you have made it this far. You guys know I can’t review 10 skincare products
and have it be a fast video, that’s just not who I am I wanted to give a really thorough
review and I could honestly make a super long video on each one of these products if I really
dove into it, but hopefully you guys have found this video helpful if you’ve been curious
about the Drunk Elephant skincare line. I know a lot of you guys take my skincare
recommendations very seriously and that is something that is so important to me that
you guys can trust me so I’m always going to be 100% honest and tell it like it is and
just share what I really think about products, which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t
and I hope that is evident in this video. Once again this video was not sponsored in
any way, shape or form but I want to say a huge thank you to Drunk Elephant for sending
me these products because they made this video possible and I wouldn’t be able to share my
thoughts on pretty much the entire range like this if it wasn’t for them sending me the
products. Obviously it’s really rare that every single
product from a skincare line is going to work flawlessly for you, but overall I do have
to say I am definitely a new Drunk Elephant fan and I’m really excited to start integrating
these products into my regular routine. You guys know I’m obsessed with skincare and
I have a lot of products that I love so it was definitely kind of daunting to like take
on this experiment and switch over my entire routine because there are products that I
have definitely been missing over these past couple months so I really can’t wait to bring
in my new favourite Drunk Elephant products and bring them into my regular routine with
my tried and true skincare items. Once again all the products in todays video
will be linked in the description box down below if you are curious, you want more info,
you want to try any of them out for yourself. I really want you guys to let me know in the
comments down below your experiences with Drunk Elephant, if you’ve tried them, what
you thought, what you liked, what you didn’t like, if you plan on trying them now, anything
like that so leave me a comment. Give this video a thumbs up and follow me
on social media I’m @sarireanna on Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned for next week
where we’re going to try and figure out why my hair can’t hold curl for an entire video. I’ll talk to you guys in the next one.

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