hey guys welcome to today’s video we are
vlogging today it is already off to a great start today I know today is gonna
be so great to ever just wake up on those days and
you just feel like well today is gonna be great
I’ve got a spearmint tea there’s a life hack I like to use the same a spearmint
tea bag like four three at different cops I use the same bag but three
different cups of water mmm by the end of it you basically just have
hot water anyway today you guys is gonna be so great because first of all I’m
going to the dermatologist yay and you need to get a requisition from a
doctor to get in to the dermatologist oh I don’t know why I wish you could just
show up and be like hello I need some help so I went to my doctor I got a
requisition basically I just I should also tell you guys I have a glam glow
mud mask on my nose this is not just like my nose does not look like this and
normally trust me but yeah I went to the doctor to get a requisition for the
dermatologist because I want to talk about prescription retinol what is
retinol you might ask retinol is one of the only proven
ingredients for anti-aging and really helps cell turnover to release those
fine lines or wrinkles it helps you have any buildup in your nose area which I do
it’s actually number one problem area so hopefully she’s cool I also want to
chitchat about some anti-aging stuff just moving forward oh I’m getting older
and you know it’s not fun today we also need to this is just like my verbal list
aloud so I don’t forget anything I also need to pick up balloons we need some
balloons because today I want to film my 100th video I can’t believe it a hundred
videos already that is a lot of stuff looking back if you guys only knew the
amount of stuff I’ve been through with all these videos from like lights
falling over and breaking to smashing my MacBook Air like to my ring like Bernie
out there has just been so many things like you sit down and think it’s so easy
to film a video and throw it up on YouTube it’s not it’s a lot of work it’s
a lot of really hard work so to get to 100 videos is a really exciting so I
want to pick up some balloons from the party store I don’t know if they still
have the party store it’s men how often do you go to a party store so
I want to swing by there I’m also dying for a caramel macchiato I’m on like a
caramel macchiato tip recently but I might just get a black coffee I don’t
need to go to the gym I need to shower we need to film that video also I want
to take a minute to thank all of my new subscribers you guys are awesome guys we
are just gaining subscribers by the droves makes me so excited I love to
hear from you guys let me know always like if you’re a new subscriber comment
down below what types of videos you want to see what types of videos you like if
you guys have any questions let me know but before I can get this day started I
do have to have a shower so let’s do it I’m back I’m showered I’m fresh I smell
like Nautica and Britney Spears at midnight fantasy and I’m about to
fulfill like a caramel macchiato for you hey could I have a medium caramel
macchiato we don’t have hmm how would a latte cool
no caramel yeah please and once again skim please we can track
see the first one down thank you thank you
oh my gosh how embarrassing was that they don’t have caramel macchiatos you
guys I’m just so used to going to Starbucks and there is no Starbucks in
this neighborhood so I stopped at a McDonald’s and that was very
embarrassing I probably sound very pretentious but before I get up to the
window let’s put on some lip chap oh you guys I’m dying living and dying
this is Clarins lip oil hmm all right so we left a little bit early before my
appointment because it’s just hang on guys I have to pay almost for those of
you who don’t live in Canada Canadian money kind of looks like monopoly mining
u5m weird it’s kind of like plastic – yeah so we left a little bit early or I
left a little bit early before the dermatologist appointment I want to try
and get my balloons first but question let me know in the answers down below
it’ll probably be too late by then but if I get my balloons and now it’s cold
outside hey thank you if I get my balloons now and it’s cold
outside do with a deflate thanks a lot oh that girl hates me since it’s cold
outside well the balloons deflate I don’t know I don’t know if I ever
learned that so I mean we’re gonna take a risk helium balloons
I should suck the helium a lot of a balloon what if I did a helium balloon
skincare routine alright I need a coffee ASAP if you’ve been following my channel
for a while now you know that I’ve been trying to give coffee up hey thanks a
million and I switched to tea I’ll lick you saw this morning but I still need
that one cup of day I just can’t get over it
oh that was more stressful than it needed to be alright so now I have to
find we have got 40 minutes before the dermatologist appointment whew oh this
smells delicious caramel latte I wish you guys could smell it although the
caramel stuff from McDonald’s I’ve got to say it does taste a little bit like
like plasticy No mmm just what I wanted anyway I am going
to drive to the party store I will meet you guys there
and I’ll see you in a few seconds okay well scrap the party store idea because
it has either moved vanish gone out of business I can’t even find the building
I just drove around I feel like I have temporary amnesia like I know it should
be here somewhere but it’s not here and I tried to google it but I can’t
remember the name of the party store and I tried to Google just party store and I
can’t find anything so we’re gonna scrap that we’re just gonna go to the
dermatologist from here I’m gonna try and get some balloons afterwards maybe
from like a grocery store or something maybe literally no one gets balloons
anymore so they’ve all the balloon stores have gone out of business let’s
go see if we can find some helium balloons in the grocery store this would
be so amazing if this works out because the dermatologist clinic is literally
right there perfect or is right here so let’s go inside and take a look fingers
crossed well that was a disastrous fail no
balloons anywhere what am I gonna do you guys what are we gonna do if we can’t
find any balloons I am devastated you guys I’m devastated all right now I woke
up and I remember thinking oh my god today is gonna be a great day I was so
positive and then there was no caramel macchiato at McDonald’s and there was no
balloon store no balloons at the grocery store
well if I don’t get retinol from the dermatologist I’m gonna just all right
we’re not gonna worry we’re gonna find balloons we’re gonna get retinol we’re
gonna drink this latte and be grateful that we have it because mmm because it
is pretty tasty um all right so I guess we’re gonna wait in the car for a couple
of minutes and this guy just ran into my car with his grocery cart wonderful
we’re gonna wait the car for the dermatologist and hopefully when I meet
you back here I will have great news and my day will be turned around Oy Vey guys it is a later it’s actually
much later with five o’clock I’m exhausted
today was draining started off so positive so happy so cheerful and then
it just like went downhill like a slippery slope but we’re not gonna let
it go any further because we’ve done it guys that we’ve got the retinol
prescription I’ve got the Fountain of Youth in my hands so my dermatologist
appointment was actually pretty cool so I get there and we sit down and we start
chatting I’ve actually never talked to a dermatologist about all of my skin care
concerns before so first things first she was like strip off all your clothes
except for your underwear and we’re gonna check you for skin cancer I was
like okay I mean I’m not here for that but I mean it’s always good to get
checked out I spent so much time in the Sun when I was younger I just like I
feel like it’s the inevitable I don’t want to put that out in the universe but
like I’m gonna be so lucky if I make it with no real skin cancer
but so I took off all my clothes we did a whole search she actually did a search
with like a microscope and a light so that was kind of weird but everything
checked I’ll find she did all up inside my hair between my fingers between my
toes so like cancer free ding ding ding next
up my biggest concern retinol so I wanted to talk with her I got all of
this information here I have so much to tell you guys first of all I got this
whole list I don’t want to show you I don’t want anyone to pause the screen of
all dermatologist recommended drugstore skincare so the dermatologist said I
have tried so many different products this is a list of my favorites
definitely check them out so what I think I’m gonna do is create a whole
skincare routine that my dermatologist gave me brilliant but on to the good
stuff on to the retinol so we talked about all different retinols retinoids
different types of retinol and what my skin concerns were what i was looking
for from the retinol and we ended up settling on one call pheeba a or remnant
a retinol a which is fantastic for acne which I don’t have but it’s great for
acne great for whiteheads great for blackheads we are starting with the
lowest tier so point is zero one let’s just open this up and I’ll give you guys
a show what I’m going to do is film a whole retinol a before and after series
of probably somewhere between 8 to 12 weeks and I’m also going to do just a
retinol skin care routine so you guys can see up close and personal this is
the tube here stiva a let’s open it up I’m so excited this is literally the
Fountain of Youth all right let’s pop oh here it comes
dun dun Anna and my dermatologist gave me this diva a cream form it comes in a
cream and a gel but from what I’ve read and what the dermatologist also said the
gel formula is a lot more irritating so really quickly let’s just get I have to
say as well about those balloons I’m not going to be able to film my 100th video
because I couldn’t find balloons and I refused to film it with Oh balloons
what’s the point without balloons everyone’s like oh just get a cake I
don’t like cake I don’t like cake so doesn’t leave me many choices but back
to the retinol so when you apply a retinol what I need to do and I’m gonna
do this tonight I’m so excited I would do it for you guys right now but it’s
actually quite a process so what you need to do is wash your face I was
recommended around like 5 or 6 wash your face
don’t put anything on blasphemy no no cream after washing my face that’s gonna
be something new but don’t put anything on your skin for a full hour let it get
completely dry let the barrier dry down 100% absolutely no moisture then you
want to go in with about a pea-sized amount of the retinol spread it evenly
all over your face and then you can either follow it with a moisturizer
right away if you find you have sensitive skin or it’s burning you can
also mix it in with your moisturizer as well if you have sensitive skin and it’s
burning or after that initial application wait another hour or two and
then before you go to bed follow with your nighttime cream you don’t really
need to be concerned about the Sun it’s so much you should be wearing an SPF
anyway but in my case I’m staying out of the Sun all together so no rays are
in these that’s why I have a hat on all the time even though I’m indoors I’m
still wearing hat anyway that is my complete retinol a journey you guys
today has been at such a whirlwind but we did it we’ve got the Fountain of
Youth fireside I can’t wait to fill you guys in on how
it works that is a wrap on my going to a dermatologist vlog at least out of all
the things that happened today we ended up getting the retinol which was the
most important there was no balloons there was no
caramel machiatto but there was a retinol at the end of the rainbow like
always if you love the style of vlogging go ahead and smash that like button
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down below and one more time welcome to all my new subscribers hello to all my
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other videos on my channel to check out until the next video guys I can’t wait
to see you then bye that’s not so magical without editing hey bye guys

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  • Love your videos king, waiting for you to blow up!!!

  • Such a bummer about the caramel macchiato! McDonald's in the US have them. (They're ok haha) but I love the vlog style! It'd be cool if you incorporated them a bit if you do something you feel is out of the norm or if you're going shopping or something but I am also a huge fan of your original style 🙂

  • Great video Trevor! I adore your videos but do you know why…?
    Yes because i love everything about beauty treatments, learn new things but the most important is
    because you make me feel calm, you are a positive man, in a good mood always on videos!
    Keep smiling, stay healthy, young and positive 4ever!
    I would like to ask you your opinion about vitamins. Which one for you is the Best antiaging
    vitamin A, vitamin C or vitamin E? I know all these are great for skin but which one is more Powerful?
    Have a beautiful day full of laughs and positive people!
    Best Regards from Athens-Greece! Myron

  • I just found your channel from your retinol series but I had to tell you the types of teas that can help sub for coffee since I gave it up for 10 years and there are some teas that are a great facsimile. Lapsang souchong , Dandelion root, and oolong tea are actually really good to substitute coffee. Keep on the amazing videos!

  • Are you still using the clarisonic? Youre not supposed to be really exfoliating while on retin a because it is already exfoliating which is why the skin flakes during the process. Clarisonic could be damaging and too aggressive.
    Its also kind of odd they told you to wait an hour after washing before using the retina a . it should be about half an hour. I have been using tretinoin 0.1 for about 3 years. I hope this helps you not trying to sound snarky.

  • Love you!!!!!

  • Aaaaand THAT’S why you were able to start with doing it every day lol! I asked my doctor to prescribe 0.05%. No screwing around 😂. I know YOU’RE the smart one though :). But I’m going to be careful and start slow. This way I was able to get him to write the prescription with refills so I’m not having to keep going back every few months and I won’t be wanting to boost it to 1% for a long time.

  • I absolutely love your videos!! Thank you for sharing ❤ you are so much fun

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