Hur får man sminket att hålla när man svettas?

Hello my little darlings and welcome to another video and today im gonna do a makeup tutorial For a change I think I have made one, maybe two in the past here on my channel But it have not been my main content since I haven’t felt sure about my abilities in what I can do with makeup But I feel more secure now I have done “doing my makeup like” before Which in essence were tutorials to look like a total wreck but anyway, not it is time to do a prom tutorial. I have one in back up but with the weather in mind, I don’t think its practical to do right now, if you want to stay flawless This tutorial is all about making the makeup last long when its hot and sweaty outside instead of just looking good for a long normal wear and this is designed to last while sweating like a sinner in church in your prom dress or any other social events this is like the generic last long event makeup, but when its really really really Really hot outside so lets simply start to do our makeup together and just like any other tutorial i will start with a primer and now when its hot and sweaty I will just use a moisturizer and just because i want a good base i will use this oil-free matifying from aco spotless and I like this one when its hot outside since it is matifying and will suck up excess moisture and oil from the skin, and we will apply this on the skin in an even layer in the WHOLE face and I will use a dedicated brush to blend the cream evenly all over the face around the eyes I will use this cien q10 anti wrinkel eye cream in reality it is for mature skin, but can also be used on a skin that have makeup on every day also since all the chemicals in the makeup ages the skin a little prematurely I will use the same brush just to pat it out and in place and to make it dry down faster I will use a fan to make it set In place faster it can be nice also to fan yourself when its hot when you do your makeup in your underwear before the big bad dress comes on I do not envy you that will go to prom this year of course it is fun and very fancy hen rolling up in a big fancy car with a prom date that is dressed to the teeth and makes yourself look like a turd its an experience that I personally believe everyone should have to feel fabulous, eat fancy food everything is paid for usually it is the only taste som people will get of the highlife sadly now we have applied our primer skinprep is the key, and I will do something really controversial since I will apply my concealer first and I will explain why in just a moment as our concealer in todays video I will use the nyx hd studio concealer and I will apply it around my eyes as you would apply a normal concealer normal concealer… I mean as you normally would apply a concealer i will apply it where I need some extra coverage “once upon a time I had… ….. … a foundation brush” i will apply it gently all over the skin after that I will airbrush it with a damp beauty blender just to really make it melt into the skin and just beat that face to the gods because we don’t want any creasing with this technique unfortunately it is not always avoidable like that, maybe? now we have patted that concealer in place but, the reason why I applied concealer first is because I will mostly use… …powder products and wet products don’t go well on top of powders because I will use a powder foundation instead of an ordinary foundation today I will use the nyx stay matte but not flat powder foundation you can use any powder foundation you want not just this particular brand, but I will use this one since its the one that is accessible to me I would prefer a loose powder foundation because it is easier to apply, but this compact will have to do I use a big fluffy brush from beauty uk and I really saturate it with product with this tapping motion. not like this or like this, just pat that brush into the product and in the same spirit we will apply it with tapping motions and press it in place to start with the thing I like with a powder foundation is that it performs well if you have prepped your skin properly and will not crease or crack it will move more natural on the skin in contrary to a wet foundation because when wet foundations dry down they easily crack, cake or slide around the face and it is a common problem with any wet foundation but in the case of the powder the creasing, caking and sliding is held to a minimum when the first layers is down you can start to buff more product into the skin and also fill the brush in the same fashion a powder foundation can give a very silky, dewy and shiny look to the skin, which might not be preferable to some but I think it is the much better option than looking all greasy and sweaty this is the reason we used the concealer first otherwise it would have been a total train wreck when applying the concealer ontop of the powder I think you can tell that I’m very generous with product with this application but some powdered foundations demands more product than what a wet one would to achive a good result but we are not finished yet, there are some more steps on our complexion i will just fan myself because its so freaking hot today and with 5000 lumens from ordinary lightbulbs blasting right in the face it is so hot I can die how are you holding up in the heat my little darlings? Im almost dying over here now our foundation is done it actually looks pretty good in contrary to what a cakey wet foundation would but we are not completely done yet we have as said before a few steps ahead of us wich is banana powder, contour and highlight, and of course eyebrows and eyeshadow and as contour, since its summer and you have to look glowy and gorgeous, I will use this palette from makeup revolution London, the iconic lights and contour pro which have a lot of warm shades to choose from when contouring and bronzing and I feel like this close up angle will be good to show how the foundation is holding and nothing weird happens now that I sit here and sweat like a sinner in church but I will contour with the coldest shade right here that is a more pale warm tone than the others after that I will use a bronzer. And I will contour my natural shadows which are right here just beat the product into the skin and blend later i will also apply the contour right here… … here on the sides and on my forehead, I will aslo contour my nose while we are at it i do it like this, holding the angled brush by the bristles, pressing them together like that i will use a clean brush to blend this shit into my face i will also take a little more warm tone and use on top of my contour to give a bit of a summery feel to this look this shade right here tap that excess of hard as f**k and just, lightly, lightly dust it on top of the contour you can use any bronzer you like, but I will use this one since its the only one I feel comfortable with atm i have the holy grail of bronzer somewhere here but you can’t buy it in Sweden so I will not use it today lets bronze the nose with last bit of product contour and bronzer Is done and ready, now we will use a tinsy tiny bit more powder before we do our eyes and just to be extravaganza i will use some banana powder from w7 banana dreams what this banana powder will do is that I will fuse one step further with the foundation and my skin since it contains liquidum parafinum, and will melt into the other products with the help of bodily heat so lets dust my face with it and buff into the skin this will also give an extra summery glow to the look than just the other products will on their own… and we will blend this gently into the face and IF your contour is to dark, this is the time to rectify it with even more banana powder *doing a really shitty eye look* like this, now my eyes are done and ready and I will use a light hand when applying my highlighter because I don’t feel like we need to look more sweaty than we already do when you are sweating to the gods but I will follow my theme with this prismatic 3d highlight from w7 and I will use this purple shade right here just to accentuate these horrific eyes i will mix it with some of the.. (don’t know what color it was) drag it like this across the cheekbones a very metallic glow just to complete this very very weird look it turned out to be i don’t know what happened.. and for brows I will just use ordinary black eyeshadow, anyone that is handy to use brows are not my strong side, so to speak but I’m assured it will look really good… f”k its hot right now so, now the eye area are down.. down? done and ready, and this is not an eye tutorial you can use any eye look you feel comfortable with this is in essence a complexion tutorial for how to look fresh when its sweaty outside for as long as possible and I will end this tutorial with setting this with a compact powder, any one that matches your skin just on top of everything, to tone it down even further (since the highlight came out to strong) Thank you so much for watching my little darlings and I hope this complexion tutorial were helpful just ignore the eyes, they look ridiculous but they are not the main star in this video that role falls to the skin, and how to make it last for as long as possible when its hot outside please comment what you think about this technique that uses almost only powders when it is hot outside instead of using a lot of wets, creams and stuff like that and please comment on the eyes as well not that I anticipate a lot of positive feedback about these hideous things on my eyes, but it will get better, I promise! don’t forget to press the subscribe, like and the bell icon so you also can become a part of the darling squad and you don’t miss any future content thanks for watching and forget be who you are since nobody else can

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