How to Wash Your Face: Why You Should NOT Use Soap!

Hey! Christy here with Go See Christy
Beauty Boutique and we’re going to be talking about the three main reasons why
you should NOT use bar soap on your face, and even preferably, not on your body. So,
the first one is we naturally have bacteria and yeast that live off our
skin. When we use the bar soap, we’re typically using it with our hands. When
we put it on our, or if we use it on your body, the dead skin cells attach onto
your bar soap. So, the yeast and the bacteria grows on the soap because the
bar soap usually stays moist. And because it typically is an alkaline pH base, the
bacteria and the yeast that get onto the bar soap starts to grow. The other thing
is, it is physically evident with my clients who typically have Acne or
Rosacea, when they use bar soap and they re-apply it on their face, their existing
conditions actually get WORSE. Second reason is how the bar soap is stored. So,
typically, if you leave it out in the open on a soap dish to dry, all the
pollutants, the dust and lint, and the nasties of if you’re brushing your teeth
can get onto the soap. So, that’s not sanitary. If you decide to put it in a
closed soap container to protect it, it usually doesn’t dry fast enough, so it
stays moist. And because of that, and you’re using it daily, it starts to
become a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Okay, so you hear that soap can
be “self-cleansing”… Not if you’re constantly adding the bacteria and yeast
onto the soap. So, it’s no longer sanitary. So, yeah, it is a breeding ground for
bacteria. That soap has now become a petri dish for bacteria and yeast. And
finally is, soap is alkaline, pH-wise. So, it tends to strip the Acid Mantle from
your skin, which can then dehydrate the skin. Soap by its very nature leaves soap
scum or film on the skin. Gross! So, what do you do? STOP using soap!
Use a Cleanser that is in a individual dispenser so that the entire product is
not oxidized or exposed to the air. And it’s more economical! Per serving,
it is actually more economical to do that because you can actually control
how much that you use. And if you’re using an anti-oxidant soap, it is no
longer anti-oxidant. Why? Because it is, its oxidizing. The entire product is
being exposed to air and anti-oxidants are very, very sensitive to light, heat,
air, and moisture. So, there you go. The best thing to do is use a Facial
Cleanser. Preferably one with the pump, but if you can’t get one with the pump,
then actually the one that you could actually individually dispense by
pouring out. So, there you go. DON’T USE SOAP.

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  • How many of you knew bar soap could be so unsanitary? Which do you use…soap or cleanser?

  • Thanks for sharing Christy. Is there a product that you would recommend that isn't in a plastic container?

  • I accidentally used soap as face wash. And when I touch my face it hurts like its burning 😢 I tried everything to make it stop hurting but it did not work😢 if you know how to make it stop please tell me

  • How long will this last?

  • Im so glad i used bar of soap once when it was new and clean im never gonna use it again

  • Well I had acne for several months now. Then I tried different facial wash but it made it worse. Then I even tried using different brands of cleanser (which is a first for me bec I never used one before) but then again, it made my acne worse. So I tried using soap and it was gone. But that soap is only used on my face.

  • I used a new bar soap on my face (I thought it was a face soap lmao) and my skin got big red lumps and got really itchy, It’s still here 3 days after:((

  • I’m not sure but I’ve always washed my face with dove soap and it does help but I’ve been getting spots on my for head and how do I prevent this from happening!

  • I use ‘Dove’ I’m not sure if that soap is all around the world but i use this everyday and nothing ever happens

  • You should use handmade soap, not store bought crap that isn't real soap to begin with. Why do you think commercial soap aren't called "soap" anymore. Bacteria doesnt grow on handmade soap. Do the research.

  • If you don't use it on your face, then how to you wash?

  • It’s not that the bar of soap 🧼 is bad for your face it’s that people keep making the mistake of using the same bar of soap that you use on your body on your face and that is why your acne gets worse

  • Today's video was a filler

  • So what do I use for body wash ??

  • so what can I use bar soap for then? just washing my hands?

  • I use orange soap :/

  • I love soap on my face

  • So what a teenage girl should use ??any suggestions?

  • Which cleanser u use??

  • your skin care quiz link does not work

  • I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM. I’m 13 and I put soap on my face for like more than ten minutes and i thought it would clean my face but now my face is red blotchy and burning so bad. I used like 3 different soaps! I KNOW IM SO DUMB😂. How long do you think it will last cuz I have school tomorrow

  • Can you recommend a facial cleanser. I'm 26 have oily dehydrated skin. Do you recommend double cleansing? If so which oil cleanser as well. Thank you so much. You're so helpful. I hope to have skin as stunning as yours 🙏

  • Hi! Love your videos! What about African Black Soap? I'm not sure it's really soap, or is it? From my understanding it's full of humectants and it sounds amazing but I sure would like to know what you think. Thanks!!

  • I use bar soap like every other day.Doesnt seem to hurt me or not yet 😦

  • But there are soaps I think for face. Those soaps that are organic.

    I am about to try Lemon Soap for my face.

  • In other words dissolved your soap of choice in hot water. Put it in a plastic container . Grading it helps dissolve faster.

  • actually, this is a myth. i use Dial Gold bar on my face everyday. My acne cleared up within 4 days. The bacteria in soap is actually supposed to balance your skins oils. And most of all. Soap bars wouldn't exist if they weren't meant to be used for your body and face, IN FACT people stopped using soap on youtube and got horrible acne and their faces got clogged up with dirt when they shared their stories. Don't listen to this ya'll. Keep using soap, it was invented for a reason.

  • What’s a good cleanser

  • Guys trust me, zote soap bar is your best friend. Reasons why…

    1. You can use it for laundry

    2. you can use it as any cleaner (for mopping,cleaning counters,dishes ,etc)

    3. Body/face wash (great for shaving too)😄

    4. Cleaning makeup brushes

    Plus you can get it for less than 1$ (at walmart and 99cent store)😄

  • tea: ive been using bar soap since i was a kid untill now (17yrs old) yet still got quite a nice skin, even my friends tend to ask what product do i use for my face and i was like, " bar soap. "

  • I was really worried that if i use soap that it Will hurt my face,
    I use Liquid soap and I had no idea what "cleanser" means😅
    I am from Croatia
    Thank you for making the video!

  • Is baby wash ok since it's considered mild and is in a plastic container with a pump?

  • What about dove bar soap? Is that ok to use?

  • I use ZOTE bar soap for make up remover and it leave my face so nice and soft. Never heard of this before. Wow..

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