How to Use Vitamin E For Scars, Acne Marks & Clear Skin: For ALL Skin Types + Fave Products ✨

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  • love the intro!!! And love you guys 😍

  • 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Please do a video about eczema 🤝

  • Hello!! Felicia ,how do you use The Ordinary lactic acid ? What order?

  • i love the new intro so much !! i keep replaying it uwu

  • I loved this video, there were some amazing tips that I will definitely be taking on board. I will be reviewing some of these products on my instagram blog @skintosoulofficial , I'd love for you all to check it out and give it a follow!

  • Snail white product review

  • I’m a big fan from the vitamin e ✨✨

  • I always love your videos you guys: the information, the editing, the good and happy vibe and both of you!!!! always keep on teaching us!! Much love from Guatemala

  • What if you are allergic to sunscreen?

  • is it okay to use exfoliating products and moisturizers with AHA or BHA at the same time??

  • only 1 request i want to make . can you change the white background? my eyes so hurt with the white light . please

  • Vitamins are so important in your skin care products

  • It would be wonderfull if you did a review of Arbonne products! Thank you 😁

  • Can you guys do a review on the goodal green tangerine vita c dark spot serum? I heard it’s a very hyped product in Korea but can’t seem to find much review about it anywhere!

  • I have acne prone skin and went in for a 3 microneedling sessions but no improvements so I decide to try the microneedling with PRP. Oh boy my skin got worst and very dark (no sun exposure). It looks as if I having small breakouts again but no large pimple, face rash hard to explain. I just know my face does not look normal. Don't like what I see in the mirror. My skin has not improve and it is not smooth at all. I was told that in one session it will take 3wks to see results but need one more session to really get better results. I use to use tazorac gel similar to retin A it makes your skin worst before it make it better and that is what the PRP is doing to my skin. I will like to know if the indian clay will work heal it faster. Any suggestions on which bentonite clay brand to buy or does it matter? Brands SKY ORGANICS INDIAN BENTONITE CLAY 100% GRADE A. OR AZREC SECRET INDIAN HEALING CLAY

  • A video on how to use the ordinary products! ❤️

  • Please make a video on hydrogen peroxide on skin

  • great tips thx!

  • The intro is sooo cute!

  • How to know which type of vitamin is suitable for you? Or we can use all; eg Vit C at day Vit E at night?

  • After watching this video I got this Vitamin E oil from Walmart that was $4. I’m gonna try it out for a month and see what happens!

  • I ve been looking for the First Aid retinol eye cream, couldn t find it. Can anybody help me?🇩🇪

  • I've been a long time subscriber of this channel and I really enjoy watching the content created by the current hosts😊…but…what happened to Mia? Is she still apart of this channel?

  • i watch the videos for the knowledge one in a while but i find their forced quirkiness very annoying and distracting and that’s the reason i’m not subscribed

  • Just an FYI that some people can't tolerate vitamin e. Particularly those with very reactive/ sensitive skin. I have come to realize that tocopherol (pure vitamin e) breaks me out. Any product I use with it in does that (funny because synthetic vitamin e is fine but I've read it's more stable. Although some people react to it. It all depends on your skin). Plus I tried adding it to blend of carrier oils that I have used for more than enough time to know they do not break me out. Added the pure vitamin e (under 1%….5 – 1% is the recommended percentage so believe me I didn't mess up by adding too much. I've been DIYing oil blends and natural ingredient skincare for years) that I BTW bought from a supplier for skincare formulating not the drugstore… and YUP it made me break out. Luckily I only did a small bottle of the formula so it's not like I wasted a whole bunch of oils but yeah. That seems proof enough to me that vitamin e can cause acne. Also that I've read that it can lol so there's that. Unfortunately so many products use it and it's hard to find ones without.

  • No matter what I do and apply, I will never get a skin like you two🤣🤣🤣

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