How to Use Supplements for Acne | Acne Treatment

I use a lot of supplements in my treatments
for acne. This is because I believe that you don’t just
treat acne from the outside, but you actually need to treat it from the inside as well. So, I prescribe supplements that I believe
are anti-inflammatory in the body, and thus the skin. The supplements I tend to use the most are
the following: I use zinc, 20-30 milligrams a day. I use selenium. Which is a mineral. 100 micrograms a day. I recommend niacinamide, 300-500 milligrams
a day. Sometimes the higher dose makes people flush. I also recommend Omega-3 fatty acids. I particularly like the brand Nordic Naturals
because it has very good purity and very high amounts of the Omega-3 Fatty Acid. Which is good for the skin. Which is EPA. And lastly, for some people, I recommend vitamin
A drops. But, you have to be very careful with vitamin
A. No more than 10, 000 units a day. At higher doses it could become toxic.

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  • I use Neutrogena oil wash and the mask cream too. Kinda works but them pimples come back FML.

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