How to Treat Painful Sore Pimples (Acne Q & A)

Hi guys, this is Eva and here I’m going to
read a cute well, not cute for the person, but cute for me, sometimes when I read these
emails they are cute. I have huge pores that always appear and they are quite sol. I don’t
really use a lot of makeup, but everything I does, does not seem to work. 19 year-old-female.
So, uh, she’s nineteen, which she meant is pimples and they hurt. They are sore. So,
I assume that this pimples cause they are not always there, they just come and go. Spoke
about this in my earlier video. I related to you, period. To your hormones. If the pimples
are very painful and they actually don’t go away again guys, I don’t know because I don’t
see a sort of. As you can see, I just read you the email, I’m trying to decide because
even the verbiage is not very clear. So it didn’t say painful, it said sore so, eh, I’m
not clear but I will take an assumption or two assumption. One that they are just pimples
and then come and they hurt. Before you get your period. The ??? they are pimples that
are actually closed off they come usually before you period. They are very hard to the
touch. And you can’t get rid of them. And there’s nothing on the surface. It just inflames.
There’s no head, there’s no blackhead. There’s no puss. There’s nothing. But they are very
painful and they flare up during or before your period and then they go down and they
still stay there. If that this the case, for you, my young dear, nineteen year girl, and
for all the millions out there that have this same problem, of pimples that actually don’t
go away but stay in they are very hard and they are very painful. And they flare up.
Before, during your period. The only thing that I can suggest that I can do with that
is see a dermatologist or even a general practitioner. Cause they really are big signs. Have them
inject it. They inject it with cortical steroids. Which is Cortizone. They inject a dab with
a needle in. That cortical steroid, which is a Cortizone. Which is anti-inflammatory.
That will totally shrink the pimple which is like an abscess under the skin, shrink
it until it disappears. Because it will eliminate, it will due to the injection it will reduce
eliminate the inflammation. Inflammation goes away. The whole thing shrinks. And it will
go away. If you have hard close pimples, that’s the only solution that I can give you is to
go to the doctor. Either the dermatologists or even you family practitioner, anybody can
do it. Inject a little bit cortical steriod which is cortisone into this pimple. You require
one injection most of the time. A little squirt. Less than a cc goes into this. And they shrink,
three or four days. And after two weeks, they will completely disappear. Sometimes they
might leave a little mark. And if it leaves a mark of discoloration, then you can go to
my website and you can buy an HPA Lightening Treatment or if you are black or dark you
can buy the Mandelic Acid and that will help to lighten the discoloration that was left
there from the pimples. Where that is left after the injections were put in or it’s left
from acne, scars, from pimples, from inflammation, the Mandelic Acid will be very, very, beneficial
and very, very helpful. The Mandelic Acid is only helpful and beneficial if the pimple
is already gone and you want to lighten that area. However, if you have a physical still
some breakouts then I suggest that you get the Mandelic Acid treatment line which consists
of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, Mandelic Acid. And if you really have breakouts, then
you get the acne solution. Treatment and the Mandelic Acid separately to help lighten the
skin. That’s just generally speaking. However, if you have this problem these pimples, and
you’ve got the injections and it still leaves some marks. The pimples went away. The swelling
is gone. The pain is gone. Then you can use the Mandelic Acid or the AHA Acid. You can
go to my website and you can read about it. And then get it just to rad it. But if it’s
hard, painful, inflammed, you don’t see anything, nothing that can be taken out. Corticol steroid,
injection. Okay. So until next time guys, keep on asking, and I will keep on answering.
Thank you. Bye! Eva!

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