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(fire alarm beeps) – [Madge] Ow! Sex is supposed to be
hot, not burning hot! (fire alarm beeps) (upbeat retro music) So many women experience
pain during intercourse but it’s a secret they
keep between the sheets. T’what’s up, Ladies? I’m Madge the Vag and today we’re exploring that burning, stabbing, uncomfortable topic painful sex. Ouch! (upbeat retro music) Can you name three reasons
why sex can be painful? Go. – Endometriosis. – Vaginismus. – Not enough foreplay. – You got a big thing
going in your vagina. (laughter) – Wow. Well here we are with Dr.Iris Orbuch OB/GYN but you I hear are
an expert in painful sex. – I guess everyone has to
be an expert in something. – Well ya got that one covered. Now when we say painful sex are we talking about physical pain? – Absolutely. Something that hurts – Okay. – that’s uncomfortable to a woman that maybe makes her not wanna have sex. – And it can be internal,
external, the whole shebang? – Mm hmm. Sometimes it’s pain on entry, sometimes it’s pain during sex, and then other times it’s
pain on deep penetration. In a woman’s lifetime,
sometimes 3 out of 4 women will have painful sex, and the problem is that when
she goes to the gynecologist feels pretty uncomfortable
mentioning it to her gynecologist and then that just causes symptoms to propagate. – What’s causing this kind of thing? Is there one main cause of painful sex? – Maybe they had a
history of trauma or rape, which is causing this
tightening in the muscles causing Vaginismus. There’s a condition called Vulvodynia, there’s infections, you could have a cyst and
perhaps it ruptured or burst. One of the most common
reasons for painful sex is Endometriosis. – Can you remind us exactly what that is? – Sure. Endometriosis is a very common condition at least 10-12% of women
have and it can cause a whole host of symptoms,
painful sex being a major one. So and it often evades
a lot of gynecologists and women tend to go ten
years from when they begin developing symptoms until
when they’re diagnosed. – Now, let me ask you this. True or false? Up to 75% of women have pain during sex? – True. – Probably true. – True. – It is true. It’s true! These numbers are outrageous! (upbeat retro music) (refrigerator door closes) (leg hits counter) (ice pack shakes) (pills shake in bottle) (gulping) (bottle hits ground) – So, as far as dryness, is
that a sign that something else other than age is going on? – Well, for a lot of
women who are taking the birth control pill it can
cause some vaginal dryness. It can also lower testosterone
and it can make the integrity of the walls of the vagina and the outside, the vulva, maybe more irritated with penetration. So, that’s definitely
something to talk to your gynecologist about. – What about the latex in condoms? Can that be dangerous for my vagina? I mean, that seems like
something that’s outta nowhere. It shouldn’t be touching me. (sneezing) – I think a lot of
women and men in general have latex allergies. So, yeah, it’s more a
sensitivity for some women and a true allergy in others. – So if there’s an
itching, burning situation going on down there it
could be an infection and that could be a cause of painful sex? – Yeah. Absolutely. Typically the woman will
not have had pain before and then it comes on all of a sudden. So sometimes it feels raw or burning, they may have discharge,
they may have an odor, and that’s very easy for
a gynecologist to evaluate and treat. – What if you’re feeling
some sex pain down there just sometimes? You know, I’ve heard it
could be like your uterus is kind of in a funny position? What’s that called? – So, a retroverted uterus. – A retroverted uterus.
What’s that mean exactly? – It’s just can anatomical variant. Most uteruses are anteverted,
meaning up and forward but a uterus can also
be pushed to the back. A woman is thinking oh
I have pain because my uterus is retroverted but
typically what’s happening is that during the course
of sex the penis is pushing on the Endometriosis implants and causing a lot of pain and discomfort. So, if it hurts and your
gynecologist doesn’t have the answers definitely
seek out an Endometriosis specialist who can really
figure out if this is something. – There you have it, ladies! Well, hopefully ya don’t. If sex for you is a pain in the butt I mean vagina, talk to your doctor. It could be an indicator
of a bigger problem. I’m Madge the Vag and if
you have any questions or comments put ’em in my box. My finally pain-free inbox, that is. Honey, I’m ready! (upbeat retro music)

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