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  • i use to have an ear cyst

  • first I WIN PRIZE

  • Thank you for this video 🙂

  • Do ear cysts hurt??

  • I think i have one 🙁

  • I got one and its purple helpp its on that flap above ear lobe

  • I have one right next to my ear peircing and it's really bugging me. :c

  • I have this in both earlobes right now. Fuck

  • I have a pea sized lump in my right ear lobe and I had it for a long time.

  • I also had a ear infection in my right ear a long time ago.

  • my ear when i move it a little it makes sounds that sound like crumbling paper. Help D:

  • Man I think I have this, it sucks

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  • I have an ear.

  • All my life I was prone to cysts and one day I got a cyst inside (quite deep) in my ear canal. Without a medical aid I grated some laundry soap (Called sunlight soap in South Africa) into a little warm water with plenty sugar dissolved into it. Made a paste by adding a little dettol / savlon antiseptic liquid of a consistency not too runny but enough to force out of the syringe into my ear canal. The following morning I was so relieved it had gone down. The following few weeks thereafter the soap mixture worked it's way out of my ear canal. I didn't want to make it too runny as I was scared it might make it's way to the brain but it never did. Since I started taking 3 sips daily of freshly juiced aloe to clean out my colon and blood my cysts have never returned and I will continue my 3 sips daily for the rest of my life.

  • I don't know if I have this it feels like a little ball

  • I just have a red bump in my ear that hurts a bit, Idk wtf it is

  • I have had a pea size cyst behind my ear lobe for 20 or so years! Ever since I was in NC and stung by a Buffalo Mosquito at times it weeps puss and is painful! These so called P.A.s do nothing but look at it and say "It will go away" it does not! even with Antibiotics hence it is INCYSTED ! And the so called BOP "doctors" are the worse! for almost 20 years they did nothing! I now free of the oppressive prison system need it removed IF I had Novacaine I would do it myself or get my girlfriend to cut the BB sized core out! I need a qualified Dr. that does what I want not what he wants like these government make believe "doctors" it could have been done decades ago if anyone listened to me(they don't) I have Medicade that's it ! I don't need a bunch of gd spend thrifts not allowing me to get it removed and then there is a huge one on my right cheek! Same deal! Help!


  • I think I got that. My ear stopped working toooo :(((((

  • same here

  • Hi I had a pimple in my ear but at the beginning of the ear hole since I was a kid and now I'm 20 and it got enlarged and infected. I got PRID from Walmart for a different cyst. I slapped it on my ear. The same day I took a nap. Woke up it had a head already. The same night I went to the bathroom. I pushed down with one finger, and out came these root like hard stuff. CM long each push 2 times. I put more on and push this morning. More hard stuff but only a little. I should see a doc but no money. It js significantly smaller and less painful and emptying in less than 24 hours.

  • i have one and my ear always randomly has this really bad pain for a second and goes away and im getting it surgically removed. i advise anyone who thinks they might have one or their ear is hurting to go get it checked out.

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