How to tell if you have FUNGAL ACNE

hello everyone and welcome back to
Brookes Beauty Bazaar my little corner of the internet where we talk about
everything from skincare to beauty and mental health to fashion my name is
Brooke and today we are gonna be talking about how to tell whether or not you
have malassezia or fungal acne so fungal acne’s scientific name is Pityrosporum
folliculitis and the definite only way to tell whether or not you truly have it
is to go to a dermatologist and have them do a test on your skin usually
they’ll scrape some off the surface and then do a little test to see whether or
not it’s fungus or not however that isn’t foolproof all the time
because a lot of the times there is some bacteria in it as well and then the
fungus is actually deeper into your skin so they may not get that by just
scraping the pimple so if you guys got negative results at the dermatologist or
you’re just not going to want to go to the dermatologist here’s some other
helpful ways to know whether or not the acne that you’re suffering from is
actually fungal one thing is the bumps on your skin will just be like acne like
bumps will be on your face especially in your t-zone they’ll be on your shoulders
your chest your back they can kind of be a little bit everywhere and they are
often accompanied by itching itching is a huge part of it for me personally that
was one of my big tip pops and then also the products that you put on your skin
might actually cause it to be more irritated and more itchy than it was
originally that would be another tip-off they also might be just really stubborn
so they don’t respond to any types of treatment that you’ve done and if you’re
in that place that’s probably what brought you to this
video anyway so that would be a good indication another really cool way to
tell is actually to do a blacklight test on your skin at home so get a blacklight
shine them on those pimples and if those like pustule types look like they have a
tinge of orange red or coral to them then they’d actually be bacterial acne
and if you shine it on them and they look like they have a yellow white or
blue tinge inside of them then they are more than likely the mouse says yeah and
fungus in there so that’s a really cool way to tell I didn’t do that but
want to now if I get one of those if you’re somebody who suffers from
dermatitis from eczema from psoriasis from a dandruff problem on your skin
anything that’s kind of topical on your skin rash wise that you can’t really get
rid of um I actually have I don’t think I have psoriasis but I think I might
have something like psoriasis right here on my ear and then I have this lip
products mint could be psoriasis it could be some kind of contact dermatitis
my hands get contact dermatitis so bad in to the point where for the last five
years I haven’t been able to do anything to help my hands the only thing that I
can seem to do is to try to just stay away from any chemical or any soap and
trying to figure out which ones of those are safe or not safe has been the death
of me if I’m honest with you guys and then also eczema I get really bad eczema
right here on my arms part of it is caused by a gluten intolerance I am
aware of but it’s also that it doesn’t just go away just because I don’t eat
gluten anymore and then I would say I get dandruff on a pretty regular basis
but that could be whether or not I’m using too much dry shampoo it’s
definitely hard to say but if you have a lot of those skin type problems like me
and you put the treatments that are designed specifically for psoriasis and
acne and yada yada yada on your skin and they’re doing nothing especially if
they’re not a prescription one then more than likely you probably have fungus on
your skin because those are all born out of a fungal type condition anyway and so
that’s kind of how you tell and to be honest with you guys I think all that I
know the the soap that I was using in the shower every day of my life the hand
soaps that I was using the chemicals that I had to be around at work all the
time and still do and the lotions and everything that I bought and tried was
actually making my skin ten times each year every single time that I applied it
and it would just never seemed to really cure anything and that’s really why I
just was like okay you know it enough s’en up I know that the products are
making it worse so that’s why I just didn’t use them anymore and so I may as
well just try this because I have nothing left to lose so if that is where
you are right now then I would HIGHLY encourage you to try this treatment
process and go on this journey with me because I’m going to be taking you
straight through it so now that we have kind of determined how to tell whether
or not you have fungal acne and we know that yes you might need a dermatologist
but there are some really cool ways you can figure it out on your own I just
wanted to share two really amazing resources with you guys there is one
website that came up multiple times and it is called simple skincare
the author of this website is incredible has done so much research in his even
compiled list of products that are safe to use for fungal acne so you guys can
start to kind of swap your products out right now if you’re interested in that
point another resource that I love is Elena Bailey she’s on Instagram and she
has a whole business related to this process however she also has a website
and a YouTube channel that I will link below so that you guys can check out her
videos and kind of take her advice as well because they are amazing and the
message that they’re preaching when it comes to acne and skin care those are my
tips and tricks for how to tell whether or not you guys have fungal acne I hope
you guys enjoyed watching this video please give it a thumbs up if you did
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know every time I post a new video moving on from here we are gonna start
getting into product reviews regime reviews and just totally overhauling the
whole process so I’m actually gonna plan on starting with basic skin care because
I think that’s the core of everything and then we can build on makeup from
there but I look forward to seeing you guys next time and I hope you have a
wonderful day I will talk to you guys really soon bye guys

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