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to my uploads. here are a lot of lotions and medicines that
can help you to remove pimples. They occur on shoulders, back, neck and face. Nevertheless, it`s not a critical condition
for your skin, but it may cause some troubles. Still, what are the main causes of pimples? There are a lot of different option that may
cause the skin to break out. The inflammation of the skin happens when
sebaceous organs make skin to get more oil. Therefore, this oil is delivered to the upper
layers of the skin to prevent it from damage. Read more: Alongside the oil, you will get the quickening
development of the skin cells. Therefore, they form around the pores and
other openings that help various bacteria to get under the skin. Read more: 1. How to remove pimples with ice? How to remove pimples naturally and permanently
at home? Ice can be a perfect way to reduce the inflammation,
redness, and swelling of the pimples. Ice can increase blood circulation to the
damaged area and tighten the skin pores. That`s how you can reduce skin oil and dirt. Use ice cubes or crushed ice on the affected
area to remove pimples. You may need to wrap it in a piece of cloth
for your convenience. 2. How to remove pimples with honey? Honey is rich in antioxidants that may reduce
the oily skin from pimples. Moreover, the raw honey that you get from
bees is extremely helpful for your skin. The Antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties create a wonderful effect of treating swelling and pimples. The enzymes and hydrogen peroxide is the main
players of getting your pimples reduced. You can apply the raw honey on your pimples
for several times a day and get almost instant results from the treatment! 3. How to remove pimples with baking soda? One of the best features for baking soda is
its ability to dry the skin, which reduces the overall problem with excess oil! It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
properties that can help you to get rid of any dirt. Nonetheless, you have to be extremely cautious
if you have sensitive skin. Baking soda can bring some negative side effects
for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, you should avoid using soda on a
regular basis. Twice per week is more than enough! If you need to use baking soda, then you will
need to mix it with water. The ideal proportion would be two tablespoons
of soda and two tablespoons of water. Mix them until you get a smooth paste. After that, you can apply this paste on your
pimples. 4. How to remove pimples using Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera is a super remedy that can get your
skin clean and healthy with no problems. Aloe Vera has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,
antibacterial and anti-acne properties that get your pimples reduced. How to reduce pimples from oily skin? Apply pure aloe vera on the spot with your
pimples. Aloe Vera will boost your blood circulation,
and it can be applied overall on your face. This remedy may also be mixed with honey and
lemon to improve the overall effect on your skin. 5. How to remove pimples using egg white? Egg white has been long used as a natural
remedy to keep your skin fresh and clean. Egg white dry on the face and help you to
clean the pores and lift the dirt from the face. You will need to secure your hair from egg
white. Your hair may create additional discomfort
to your face if it gets stuck to your skin. You may mix egg white and apply on the spot
to your pimples. Egg white is a fantastic natural remedy that
you can use to clear your skin almost every day! Read more: I hope you found this information about how
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