How to stop getting whiteheads longterm – by dermatologist Dr LIV

So of whiteheads is a topic you’re interested in, Whiy you get whiteheads, where they’re coming from How you treat them or how to avoid if this is something you are interested, you should stick with me. So, my name is Dr. Liv Kraemer, I am a board-certified Dermatologist with my clinic in Zurich, Switzerland! So what are whiteheads? Whiteheads are these things, you would love to pop, please don’t! Nothing is worse if you pop them and even more Bacteria are getting inside, getting more inflamed and then the worst thing ever what could happen is a SCAR So let me explain. So this is what I do with my patients in my office So let’s draw. I like drawing because it’s easier to understand. So I was telling my patients Think: the first layer of your skin is like a couplestone wall. ..and if you saw my video about blackheads it is going a little in the same direct, because the next stage of a blackhead, is whitehead. So, okay, let’s draw. The first layers is like a cobblestone wall. I would draw this kind of cobblestone Well, a couple of layers one over the others, the mortar between the bricks, the bricks between the mortar. I hope you see it. otherwise please say it..haha just joking. So you’ll see the cobblestone wall. Well, this is the top part. This is the lower part. So this is the top and everything is well sealed So in the end nothing supposed to come in and nothing supposed to come out. A nice cobblestone wall. I would be loveley if it would stay like this. but just something can go inside, if something is disrupting this coobblestone layer. So in this inque is doing your hair up to here on your head But you have hair all over your face really all over and you need them. You just have a couple of areas We don’t have hairs lips palms, but this is a different story and a different kind of a few black. Okay, so So you have this disruption with the hair. Mm-hmm. So this is the hey you almost don’t see this. They have bulk so now you have a gap suddenly right like a gap between this couple stone and this hair and This gap becomes wider With hormonal changes and stress. So guess why you get pimples just before you a huge date or Before you get your men’s as a girl where actually if you stop being a you arctic control Changing the Arctic control pearl Or actually entering puberty where the hormones are kind of getting crazy Okay, so then second thing is all the materials on top these bacterials here They would love to come in but here everything is sealed So they can’t but if they gap opens up with hormonal changes exactly what’s happening oh, the death factor can go inside and these sebaceous glands down there and Exactly. If you entering puberty if your hormones are crazy your sebaceous glands over producing So what they’re doing they’re producing lot of food for these little guys and they love this, right? So actually they’re growing inside the loving this and suddenly there’s not enough space down there So they get stucked which we call the blackhead watch my video our blackheads and if it’s not enough space and actually going all out We called white hat because all the dead skin Kind of covering this up We call it hyper more keratosis hyperkeratosis a kind of this sugar on top with all the garbage underneath And if it’s get more inflamed we call it cysts and Bob Lutz or different kind of stages of acne much more Party people down there will cause actually the next kind of stages but let’s make it easier and not too confusing for you, right so Bacterial ISM also main cause they are compaction proprio knees the sebaceous glands down there who are kind of really active so a lot of food And of course these dead skin cells so this is exactly where we have to attack and this is what we do much Hollister doing and this is what you could juice in a small kind of Steps at home with some of the home treatments and the first one is of course Reducing the amount of bacterials on top. Okay, so reducing back tails could be done with ingredients the killers the benzoyl peroxide which you can actually Get in drugstores there different kinds of things like washing So this ingredient is in washing ingredients. It could be in gels. It could be lotions. It could have been serums. So Mostly use it as a washing iterations I’m not a fan of expensive peroxide because it stains your clothes and sometimes makes your skin. Look drier So I’m not a fan about it, but if you don’t have intimate ologist next to you It’s probably the first step. You should try another ingredients to call bacterials, of course antibiotics could be a gel could be a looser But this is something what we just demo trial just have described as soon as we saw your skin next thing what you could do except minimizing respect on top is trying to remove these dead skin cells which is crucial because Everything was strapped has been closed. You have to remove the dead skins at the sugar head. But all the garbage comes out and these are ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids and better hydroxy acids I will give you some examples down there so better who drugs the essence of biochemistry, right? So, you know as an ingredient silicic acid solicit as they deserve better drugs acid and removes dead skin cells This is what you feel drying. But in a percentage of 2% at some terms you feel will that kind of a? Scaling and most of you unfortunately do the kind of mistake covering it with fatty creams which is contra protective watch my video about how which kind of creams to use so the difference about serum our queen for acne and this gives her actually the answer never to use fatty creams oils who come to the topic about facial oils because Everything it doesn’t matter how great ingredients are in facial oils There are oils so they’re covering the dead skin cells and glazing at a party tent so they can grow Underneath so try to avoid everything. What is Fang? Everything what we call comedogenic Everything what is fat? Try even there’s oil free but it’s kind of a fatty queasy consistency Hands off. Okay so Alpha hydroxy acids are also fantastic To remove the dead skin cell from on top another one which are some turns We’d ever told us need to describe. It could be as creams or tablets. These are vitamin a Straight nodes which are pushing all the cabbage from underneath out and this is why you feel dry This is what all this video out there. All the YouTube videos are like our bad Is to use this tablet reader mythologist described guys fears just happened speakers of non knowledge but if you know You’re not afraid So if something is dry guess why? Because everything comes off you want to get things from underneath coming out and this is what you feel is right But please please sit down with your dermatologist And let him or her decide which wheels you can move in order to really handle ochsner and we need to handle like no Lula’s papules says whiteheads or even blackheads but there’s a sad that couple of things you already can try to avoid and try to minimize is Burning my specter you on top try to keep the Turnover don’t describe because the dead skin cells would never go was rubbing or scrubbing it will make it even worse I got some question about some brushes. There will be another video coming out. So I Hope it actually gave you some answers and yeah one is actually when I Also got asked was like flame mask on mask. I mean everything this is just topical it’s just reducing some of the the kind of Oily things on top comes down to helps, but just transitionally and not long-term So I hope you liked it. I hope I gave you a little bit light from the tunnel Give me some questions Give me a like subscribe to my YouTube channel and stick on my youtube channel because there will be some more Videos coming up and answering hopefully a lot of questions. Ok. Wish you all the best and Give you some I will definitely give you some suggestions down there. So slow down subscribe to my youtube channel Subscribe to my Instagram account doctor live I give some tips today as well. I hope to see you soon

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