How to remove SUN TAN at Home || Best SUN TAN removal Fairness Face Pack

Hey guys !! welcome to my channel so summers have started vacations are nearby so going on beaches and wearing short dresses and enjoying with friends on a sunny weather day we feel assume but with that the problem which comes is sun tanning so today my video is on sun tanning where i will tell u some remedies and by using this remedies u can easily remove sun tan but if u don’t have tanning then too also u can use this remedy in order to boost ur complexion and fairness to prepare face pack we will take 2 tbsp potato juice for this take medium size potato and wash it then peel off it which means remove skin after peeling off with the help of cheese grater, grate the potato carefully after grating with the help of strainer extract the juice so this is ur potato juice then we want 2 tbs cucumber juice for this too also we will be doing the same procedure first we will be first peeling off the cucumber the with the help of grater we will be grating the cucumber as in the water content of cucumber is very high so we will grate only half of the cucumber instead of whole after grating again we will extract the juice of the cucumber the same way as we did for potato so ur cucumber juice is ready the 1 tbsp lemon juice for this u can use a small lemon or else u can use a half of a bigger lemon and extract juice of a half lemon and this is it ur lemon juice. it is ready now we want 2 tbs honey 2 tbs besan/gram flour u can use besan quantity as ur wish also then mix all ingredients in a bowl mix thoroughly because it has besan so lumps will be easily formed… so take ur extra time and mix thoroughly and make sure that the lumps r not there now ur face pack is ready so let start applying pack her we have used potato juice beacue it has catecholase enzyme which is beleaches skin naturally has high amount of starch which repair damaged cells when we use potato directly on our face it acts as a natural scrub and makes our skin color light and removes tanning whereas in cucumber has vitamin c, beta carotene and manganese like antioxidants because of cooling properties of cucumber we can use it as natural toner and astriger which suits our sunburns skin cucumber has its bleaching properties which helps in removing sun tan and also in reducing scars lemon juice has high amount of citric acid which makes our skin tone light, removes tan and gives soft and healthy skin where as in gram flour is natural exfoliator removes dead cell, excessive oil without making our skin dry remove tan with improving skin tone and gives fresh radiant and gowing skin honey has natural antioxidants and antimicrobial properties honey protects us from harmful uv rays and regenuates skin after applying pack wait so it dries out completely for time pass watch ur favorite show after sometimeu will see it dries out after that wash it u will get fresh, soft, smooth and fair skin u canapply this pack till ur tan completely vanishes so friends this summer dont hesitate just enjoy so guys if u like the video plz share with ur friends and do remember to subscribe the channel for all latest videos

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