HOW TO REMOVE PIMPLES SPOTS II कैसे पाये मुहासों के दाग धब्बों से छुटकारा II

Hello Firends Welcome to Priyanka’s Beauty and masala mantra Today i am going to tell you about pimples Most of us in certain age have pimple problems and once this pimples are gone they leave spots behind and this spots are very awful and make look your face unattractive how to get rid of it i will show you a home remedy for it For that we need one grated potato one spoon grated cucumber once spoon lemon juice and one spoon Gram flour (Besan) we have took potato because it has the ability to reduce the spots dark circle from your face as you can see our paste is ready apply all over your face leave it for 15mins once its dry wash it off with cold water you will feel slowly slowly your spots is reduced and it will vanish after some days and people will will praise you

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