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we’re sharing a highly requested video on how to remove pimples overnight or
remove pimples permanently and this remedy is practically applied and successfully suppressed pimples permanently. keep watching.. what happens to your body when
you drink lemon water. drinking lemon water can help your liver function at a
tip-top level as well as flushing out toxins by enhancing the enzyme function.
it has powerful antioxidants so that you will notice a decrease in pimples
wrinkles and blemishes as result of its detoxifying benefits. pimples are caused
because of so many different reasons like lifestyle changes, eating a lot of
oil in your diet, blood problems and hormonal changes. if you are a teenager
then you are going to get pimples because of hormonal changes. to say
goodbye permanently to your pimples drink this every day and do next steps
very carefully and routinely. you should start your day with this on an empty stomach. now I am going to tell you a method
which you can apply every day before applying this remedy. it will work as in
face wash which will reduce many skin problems such as Sun tan, removes dark
spots, get rid of acne, open or large pores, acne scars and help to remove oil
from your skin. you can store the mixture into refrigerator up to one week. gram
flour is an amazing ingredient for beautification. it will exfoliate your
skin, brightens off your complexion, removes acne, pimples and blemishes and gives you clear glowing and brighter complexion. lemon juice works as a
natural skin bleach which will remove all the blemishes and dirt from your
skin and rosewater is a great cleanser this mask will give you a pimple free
flawless radiant, fairer and glossy skin naturally. use this daily the first treatment is suppressing the
pimple which is being demonstrated on hand. for that what you have to do is to
take one nice cube then cover it in a piece of clean cloth or you can use your
hanky and then just tap it on your pimple or gently massage it. it is going
to suppress the pimple and give you a calm feeling as well. the second step of
this treatment is called spot treatment this treatment is applied practically
and benefited so first take some sticks of cinnamon or DALCHINI. then blend
the sticks in the dry blender take a small teaspoon of this powder and add
one teaspoon of honey in it and mix it well together now apply it on your pimple and leave it
for good 20 minutes. after 20 minutes just wipe it with a clean cotton ball the last and final step of our treatment
is take a 1 TSP of aloe vera gel you can use natural aloe vera gel or the one
which is available in the market. then take raw papaya grind it and then take
juice out of it by a strainer about a teaspoon. mix it well together and apply
it wherever you have pimple here once again it is being demonstrated on hand.
now leave it there overnight. in the morning wash your skin with cool water.
if you have small bump on your face then treat it with the same treatment. if you
have a lot of pimple on your face especially big pimples then you can
repeat the same treatment two to three times a week. you will wake up with clear
and pimple free skin. if you are enjoyed this video and you want to us make more
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