How To Remove Pimples Eaisly Quick Response 100% Working| पिम्पल्स ठीक करने के कुछ आसान तरीके

so friends it was a small clip I tried to look into it How do people get so upset by having pimples Friends, I have got many such comments I’m very worried about the Pimpels. Pimples have gone out on the whole face I have also taken this medication, ate it too, also took this cream But it has increased rather than decreasing Friends, we do not even try to know this what is the reason? Just a pimple came out and we get it in our treatment even without the doctor’s advice So friends, today i will tell you about its solution If this Home Made Solution, then I will tell you If it has solution in allopathy and If there is any more sallution, then i will. But before you know how it would be? What is the reason behind? By the time you get to know its roots, you will not find solution of it. So hello guys, i am rakesh And welcome to your info hub So Friends, i will tell you today that what is Pimples and how it is? One oil comes out from our skin Which make a mixture with the skin cells of the dead cells It blocks our skin pores Because of which the skin passes swellings And on this, bacterial growth starts Because of which the infection spreads and becomes a pacify This is called Pimple This happens for many other reasons too.Such as hormonal It has been seen many times that the yongsters are the biggest problem in them. The level of harmone is the highest at this time So this is also a Reason to be Pimple Make-up with it Today’s people make a lot of makeup Especially 15 to 25 years of age Due to this makeup, our skin pores get blocked And the pimples get out There may also be a hereditary problem If your ancestors have these problems you may also be If you live in a polluted place, you may be Pimple If you have constipation problems Or are you taking too much stress Pimple may also be due to all this. So now we will know its solution i will give you best solution Let me tell you earlier if you have not subscribed to our channel yet And if you are subscribed then definitely press the Belt icon so that our videos can reach you. we start with makeup People who make up more make-up or live in the dusty area Keep in mind that he Clean your face with the cleanser at least 2 to 3 times So that the dust does not block your pores And prevent you from being pimple You can use steam for this You take steam, which will glow your face and open pores People who have a pimple Keep in mind that do not touch it Many times people suppress it and remove the piston You do not have to do this Some creams you can use from doctor’s advice It has very little side effects And it will be quite effective for your pimples Such as benzoyl proxide and ellacalic acid Friends, get more vitamins A and C It will glow your face and your pimples will also work Like carrots, amla, spinach You must eat all of these Now I will tell you some homerids, so that you can finish the pimple You can eat neem leaves, 5 to 7 leaves, 2 to 3 months You will see its result You can drink gourd juice And you can drink Chirahta juice And Giloy can also be used Eat more green vegetables Eat less salt and sweet So friends it was all about pimple If you still have a Query You can comment, I will reply to your comments And if you liked this video then please do the like share with your friends And do not forget to subscribe to us

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