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so today m sharing with u a one of the best remedy by which u can remove ur facial n unwanted hair in ten minutes. many followers in fb requested me to come up with a video based on removing facial hair without side effect so i m back with this video. so lets strt with this easy home remedy. for this uh need: gelatine can be bought from grocery shop or online store. its cost is between 10 to 15 minutes now we will add raw milk 2 to 3 tbsp, raw milk means milk which is not boiled at all raw milk has high lactic acid in it which lightens our skin n removes dead skin from our skin. n atlast add lemon juice has two benefits firstly it supresses the smell of gelatine n lighten skin tone. neutralises free radicals n boost chemical production. take a bowl n mix all the ingredients now take container having hot water n then keep this bowl having mixture above it. it vil melt the gelatine powder n it would be easy to apply on the face. before applying this clean ur face n then apply this mixture all over ur face the time it melts properly immediately use this , if uh vil not do this it will be difficult to apply on skin. do not apply this on eyes, eyebrows n lips n if by mistake it sticks to ur eyebrows eyes or anywhere else with the help of warm water clean it if ur gelatine mask gets dry use a double boiler n melt it now leave it there until it gets totally dried, now to remove this make some gap btw ur skin n the mask n pull it upwards in the same way as uh use wax. uh can see in this mask, how it removes all my facial hair in a go. this mask not only removes ur facial hair but also removes blackheads n tightens ur skin. from the very first application uh vil get amazing results n for more great results must use this once a week. thnx for watching if uh like my videos then do hit the like button n dnt forget to subscribe to my channel thnk uh meet u in my next video till then tc bbie

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