How To Remove Blackheads Easy Cystic Acne Treatment Removal Blackheads On The Face#8

Thank you for joining us this is our second video with leslie and So we did the right side the last time so we’re working on the left side and as you could see she does have Still a lot of break out there here even though. She’s already starting to clear up again. I love it I love when they start showing improvement she does have post inflammatory condition for the first time in the months that are you know following us and So what I’m gonna. Do is go ahead and start extracting And I’m just kind of checking the skin and see how pliable it is to To us to ending extractions, and it’s really seem very well Okay, I am gonna go ahead and probe that skin Okay, so I ready probed this area, and I’m just gonna go ahead and start extracting Hmm there we go Thank you so much for liking our Video with Leslie wow I was really impressed with all the great comments you guys have put There’s one of our viewers Vicki you threw me under the bus I missed one and you caught it, and so I thought that was really funny Okay, I’m gonna stretch because I definitely want to make sure that these pores are completely cleaned out and so I’m going to stretch that skin and That’s me, how are you doing sweetie good awesome? when I saw Lesley coming out so excited to see her cuz she’s looking so good and she even told me that she went to church without wearing any makeup and that makes me feel so excited because You know confidence is what I want them to feel really confident with their skin and feel good about themselves One of the viewers asked about Facial hair so I do want to address that So we do dermaplaning on this skin But what we don’t want to do is derma planing where there’s still a lot of active lesions Because it’s not a smooth surface, and it can definitely cut the skin So probably by our third video. We’ll be able to Do derma planing so derma planing is a technical procedure where we remove the dead skin cells and? it’s great for patients that have acne because the oils actually go up on the hair and cause that bacteria to kind of linger around there and So when once we remove that? Then it doesn’t have that capping and again air gets in and it starts to resolve a lot of that issue So thank you for bringing that up Again just stretching And I’m just gonna fill just the area to make sure that You could see yeah, there’s a lot of clogged pores in here so make sure we Okay, so It’s a little bit of pressure in here a Little bit of cystic activity Now when you see I think I covered that last time Bleeding like this it’s just that those vascular walls have been damaged due to the bacteria underneath the skin Make sure it’s clean and stretch Okay, I’m going to move a little bit in this area here and see Nicely smarty, okay Somebody’s some pressure on here Just to make sure that all of that bacteria So there’s blood, and then there’s that bacteria right in there, so we want to make sure we get all of that out So this is the area that we have to be really careful because she’s gonna be more prone to scarring so we really have to make sure we get everything out and avoid any future damage on that skin And when I’m doing this kind of like a from the bottom and just do kind of a twist technique Lesly, that’s just a little tricky one okay, sweetie Okay ready there we go So those are the ones that we really need to watch out for Cuz those are the ones that can cause some damage underneath the skin And we want to make sure that we get all that bacteria underneath that are there and there it is Can I stretch that skin Okay, so this area has got a lot of active bacteria For those who have asked we do wash the skin in between or we put a solution in between Filming so that the area stays nice and clean so that’s something that we always do I Just want to go back on this one and make sure everything’s okay Okay, I’m going to continue to work in this area, and you’ll see probably multiple Come out So she’s pretty irritated So I’m trying to Just work on those that are kind of ready to come out That’s me hold enough okay, Sweeney okay, you’re such a trooper. I appreciate you I put a little pressure on here kidding. I’m just gonna make that So when doing extractions, I don’t if the skin has got a lot of an inflammatory response I try to Let that skin kind of heal on its own, and and then I go back and do extractions And I concentrate on the ones that are really ready It’s just better for the skin and better for the patients That’s why they’ll come back and see me again right last night So ask any questions that you would like for me to answer for you and starting our next video. I’m going to take those questions and actually answer them while I’m doing the procedure so that way I Don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over when it comes to The you know the skin and you’ll have the answers to exactly what you’re wanting me to talk about Thank you so much for joining me and being such an amazing support To leslie myself and the youtube channel Please take the time to subscribe if you haven’t Tell your friends about us and look us up on facebook under an else’s skin essentials acne clinic and like us again Thank you so much for your support, and we look forward to seeing

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