How to Remove Blackheads and NOT Enlarge Your Pores 👃 | Extreme close up of blackheads !

Hello Beautifuls we’re back on WishtrendTV vs. Acne series if you haven’t checked out our last episode wishtrendTV vs. Body acne click the link Today we will be talking about blackheads we’re gonna share with you every single detail on blackheads and how to remove them so stay tuned Round 1: What causes blackheads Sometimes your skin does not look good because of blackheads Let’s start with why we get blackheads and then move on to how to take care of them easily at home Do you know why we get blackheads? It’s because of the overproduction of sebum If overproduced sebum cannot be removed it clogges in between your pores and
then when it meets oxygen it turns black Now that we know what causes blackheads let’s move on to round 2 Okay so I’ll give you guys a little tiny
spoiler if you use a cleansing oil properly You can remove blackheads and
also prevent them When we say you can remove blackheads by only using a cleansing oil We often get some comments like I can’t use cleansing oil it worsens my acne or I tried it it didn’t work hmm my guess is
that you didn’t do it properly How you do it is the key here so today we’re
gonna tell you how to remove blackhead step by step Today we’ve invited a very special guest who has blackhead issues Come on over here welcome I know I know we’ve just met but I think we should loosen up You want to have a drink? Would it be okay if we check out the blackheads under the microscope? We’re having some facial hairs we’re
having sebums and we’re having blackheads for sure Wow that’s impressive Now that we had a closer look on our guest blackheads condition we will show you how we can remove them You’re gonna need a cleansing oil and
a cleansing foam and if you have Any chance you can have a facial cleansing brush I really recommend you to use them To extract them nice and easy first you
have to open up those pores So we’re gonna put a warm towel on his nose for about a few minutes okay You can put a warm towel on your nose if
not you can also do it after shower And then pump the oil four times yes I know
I know it sounds a lot but trust me We need all of them so we can stop the
irritation that the hand can give you After this gently massage the oil into
your face Now pay attention this is the most important step It’s called emulsifying Have you heard of emulsifying? When water and oil’s mixed together then it becomes white So if you see the thickness there Can you feel the thickness? Thickness can remove the sebums out So if you don’t follow the step
properly the sebums will turn into acne Because the oil will be clogged in so
here you go put some water on it So the final step is to use a foaming cleanser as I said oils if they’re clogged inside your pores They can turn into acne so it’s very important to remove the excess oil with a foaming cleanser Okay I think you’re ready to wash your face Look forward to the outcome Can you guys see how much clearer his
skin got? Oh my god Like just by looking at him like little bumps they are all gone away Wo we’re gonna take a look with the microscope one more time and See if there’s any difference No way no way it’s all gone literally like half of it is gone So yes yes we can remove blackheads using oil cleansers without irritating our skin So you can use this method every single day whether you’re wearing makeup or not But if you do get any irritations just do it once in a
few days Also it does not matter If you do have acne skin or oily skin or any
other skin types you can all use oil cleansers Round 3: At home blackhead
cares Let me tell you why we have to prevent blackheads by taking care of those at home Did you know that blackhead is a type of acne If you leave them on the sebum will accumulate and enlarge the pores and that’s the start of a vicious cycle That’s why preventing blackhead is very
very very very very important So now I’ll tell you guys how to take care of them Number 1: Wash your face thoroughly You can never ever say often enough with removing impurities and sebum on your face at the end of the day Is very very important For foaming cleanser, we recommend you low pH ones Like I said before overproduction of sebum is the cause of blackheads For foaming cleanser, we recommend you low pH ones like I said The biggest cause of blackhead is
overproduction of sebum So it’s very helpful to use low pH ones so you can have a good balance of oil and moisture By doing so you can have a healthy pH level of your skin which will lessen the production of sebum Number 2: Exfoliate I know I know it’s annoying but you have to exfoliate very regularly If dead skin cells pile up on your pores The sebum is very hard to discard smoothly and that is the fundamental cause of blackheads To know more about this check out our
episode on exfoliation on Teen Beauty Bible Number 3: Blackhead removal aftercare Soak the cotton pads in toner with hyaluronic acid ingredients And put it in the fridge about five minutes And when it’s ready put it on the area where blackheads were extracted And then apply gel creams such as cica balms that have a lot of moisture of mild moisturizer Round 4: Blackheads FAQ We searched “get rid of blackheads” and got a lot of results Among them we picked three
method and we’ll give you some tips and tricks on them Number 1: Will pores be enlarged if you use peel-off no strip? Yes yes it would because if you peel them off like tape it will enlarge your pores We often cool down our faces so we can close enlarged pores As if we put our toners or face masks in the fridge right? It can help us a little bit but once the pore is enlarged it is really hard to get them back completely Number 2: Can I use Vaseline to remove blackheads? No not completely but some of them Vaseline is a type of mineral oil so they do dissolve sebum But it is more of physical action like massaging that removes blackheads Number 3: How about using toothbrush and toothpaste? No no no no no no Toothpaste contains 50 percent of abrasive that gets rid of plaque However, toothpaste contains surfactants to aid the cleaning process And that surfactants can also irritate your skin and also make her skin very very sensitive So do not use toothpaste on your face instead of that use other products that are meant to remove blackheads Lastly there’s something I really really want to talk to you about blackheads Do not ever use strong or irritating products every day to remove blackheads Especially if you’re a teen and if you use these kinds of products regularly such as nose pill-off strips You won’t be able to go back when you become an adult Like I said it is the start of a vicious cycle of getting enlarged pores and producing blackheads in them But you can’t just leave them on, we know So just wait for a little bit and then use our method and it will not give you a dramatic effect But it will be a certainly a good start of a good cycle So what did you guys think about today’s episode If you have any questions leave
your comments down below If you want to save your data go follow us on podcast and you can listen to it like a radio We will leave our links down below on
the description box so make sure to check it out We will be back very soon with another exciting episode of WishtrendTV vs Acne Bye guys

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