How to Preserve Your Homemade Cosmetics, Home Remedies + Giveaway Pre-Announcement

hello everyone how have you been this is the first time in the past 7 months that I’ve been away from YouTube for more than two weeks and I really hope you did not give up hope only seeing new beauty tips well I’ve got another code and only the past days I’ve managed to defeat it and to feel a little bit better therefore here I am ready to do another duty tip tutorial well today’s video is going to be a bit different from the past ones because it’s an answer to some of the questions I received on the social networks and in the comment area of the video tutorials that I’ve done so far on how I preserve my homemade cosmetics as you may be well aware it is very important to preserve our homemade cosmetics with dedicated substances called the preservatives which would prevent microbial growth and to the spoiling of the homemade cosmetic but let’s be clear from the beginning there are as you may have seen already in my past tutorials two categories of cosmetics you ones that contain water and the ones that don’t and that are made up only of vegetable oils butters and the waxes there is no danger that bacterias modes and East’s we developing these cosmetics that don’t contain water you will just have to pay attention to store them in dark cold places so that you make sure that your own oil some ointment balms don’t go rancid another way to make sure that they won’t go rancid is to add vitamin E otherwise known as tocopherol which is a powerful antioxidant which is also amazing for our skin therefore remember that vitamin E is not a preservative it’s an antioxidant which is only useful in oily solutions going back to water-based cosmetics bacteria molds used they are alive therefore they can grow and develop only in preparations that contain water such as creams toners cleansers etc well there are different preservatives you can use I usually buy them online and in stores that cellular cosmetic ingredients if you are not aware of such a story you just have to google the cosmetic ingredients online plus your location and then pretty much you’re gonna find one pure alcohol a 95 percent lockup on content the one that it usually it is used at home to make homemade liquors it’s another ingredient that can be used as a preservative you can use it in your toners but I usually don’t recommend it as alcohol it is pretty much aggressive on our skin well if you don’t have other preservatives this may be an alternative also pay attention that there are two kinds of preservatives the ones that are Hedra soluble soluble in water and lipid solubility ones that are soluble only in known creams and that are not suitable for toners and Printers I advise you to always check the technical sheet every preservative should be sold with or you should find all the technical specification such as the dosage the solubility the compatibility with other ingredients the range of pH it is recommended to use it within and many many other information another thing I’d pay attention to when I choose the preservative it’s too tightly fit is the green that would be if it is free of parabens and if it is a collage Akane there are also some natural substances like red fruit seed arrows marie extract or some essential oils like tea tree or time that some online stores sell as a nod from preservatives well just keep in mind that if you are using them they cover a less broad spectrum of microbes then for your homemade cosmetic we have a much shorter shelf life just pay attention on how you store your creams and how you call it the cream from its container remember that if you do not use an LMS container every time yo container and collect the cream there is a high probability that your cream is contaminated well using a preservative you’ll avoid to create a microbial bomb you’ll spread on your skin if you don’t have an airless container just use a spatula or spoon to collect the cream how can you see a cosmetic product is spoiled appearance of a great green layer of mold on the surface lots of consistency the product becomes thinner plotless of previously clear products change of color or order change of the pH if you notice any of these throw it away I think preservatives will not make it usable again if you have some specific topics you’d like me to talk about it does leave me a message in the comments area down below and I’ll make sure to answer you let me know if you found this video useful and informative and make sure to like it if you’d like to see some other similar ones also don’t forget to subscribe the channel and to share the video with your friends as I’m going to don’t a giveaway as soon as the channel reaches 100 subscribers I thought it would be a nice thing to do but also to thank all of you so if you are longing for any of other homemade treats I shared with you in the past 7 month just say tuned have a wonderful day wherever you are and I’ll talk to you soon life you

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