How to Pop Your Pimple, Blow Dry Frizzy Hair & Say Bye Bye to Puffy Eyes

I’m Archana, I’m a runway model and you’re watching, Model Health. Hey guys, I’m back, and I’m here today to talk to you guys about beauty quick fixes that I’ve picked up in the modeling industry pimples, lets say you pop a pimple which you really shoudn’t and it’s red and sore. This is what you must do. take a clean tissue, and take an ice cube wrap the ice cube with the tissue and place it over your pimple to reduce the redness now for your hair, if you have flyaways or if it’s really frizzy, and you’re out of leave in conditioner don’t worry, you can always use a hair serum just take a few drops of it in your palm and run it through your hair gently a hair serum of any brand would do it need not have to be very expensive in case you’re suffering from puffy eyes because you partied all night and did not get enough sleep here is a simple solution take some ice cold water and add a few drops of rose water and gently massage your eyes with it this would instantly bring down the puffiness follow it up with a thick line of cod oil to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter last but not least are your nails. I never go anywhere with chipped nail polish but lets say you don’t have a polish remover all you got to do is take a top coat or a nail polish apply a coat, and then wipe it off immediately this way, you always remove the old cracked polish as well so that’s it for today so that’s it for today, do subscribe to us, until then see you next time

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  • Thanks! I'm 9 and I have a pimple😱😭 and I wana get it out thank you for showing me now I can get rid of a pimple please pin me

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