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hello everybody and happy Friday it’s
Don Clifford Director of Global Education with Glowbiotics
Skincare once again here to discuss acne did you know that it’s not just the
bacteria on the surface of the skin that can cause this difficult skin condition
it’s actually the environment as well things like pollutants in the air smoke
and allergens can contribute to this difficult to treat skin condition one of
the best ways to treat it is with a balanced skin care regimen cleansing
mildly exfoliating using a treatment serum and then some type of hydration
moisture or lotion to balance the skin and you never ever want to forget about
your SPF protection the one thing that I want to bring to focus also today is do
not over dry your skin sometimes acne products can be very harsh and drying
and I know a lot of you think that if we dry out the pimples they’ll never come
back but that’s just not true what happens is you get this dry layer of
skin that’s actually trapping the bacteria inside and then what happens is
when you have microscopic exfoliation to the skin it purges in other words it
breaks out again so you have this vicious cycle so look for products that
are benzoyl peroxide free that are gentle yet look for salicylic acid it’s
one of the best things to clear out your pores and fight acne remember to go to for more information on acne and breakout from skin or you can always
email me at [email protected] thanks and have a wonderful day

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