HOW TO MAKE PEANUT BUTTER – USE PEANUTS! Rubber Gloves! Face Mask! Ear Defenders!

hi it’s Ricky Martin and I’m gonna show
you how to make your own peanut butter out of peanuts remember it is rested
peanuts because they taste better than Iraq and if you buy a salted peanuts you
can add salt or peanut butter as it’s being worked up in your food processor this is this is done this is done we can
say this is this enough and so if you want to not use all this at once like a
super huge they asked how much right now or peanut butter cookies or cake or
whatever you can put this in joggers and leave-one-out the other the spare tires
if you make more than one jar file their refrigerators can last longer alright great stuff homemade peanut
butter later so its burden thanks for watching please
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