How to make II Facepack & Scrub For Winter II गर्मियों में चेहरे के लिए पैक और स्क्रब II

Namaste people. How you guys doing? Me Namrata is back again in front of you to discuss beauty. To discuss good looking people, to discuss beautiful skin, hair. Right ? Now you just tell me, how to you care your skin in winters? i means we have always discuss that which face pack to apply in different season. What do you do about your hair? But right now you tell me what do you do about your skin in winters? Because we are almost reaching winters. Right ? Its approaching. So, what do you do ? you know my lips become dry and my this portion and this portion dry and crack. What do you do? Do you have any home remedy which can help me & everybody around. Which is act an anti-bio tic and plus at the same time it moisturizes. Do you have any remedy? Don’t bring anything.. I have bring something for you a different pack which we have used in childhood i am sure my mom has tried this on me i am sure your mom must have tried this, lets just revise this Right , so let us do some innovation and let us add some better ingredients in that . which will help in now a days stressful environment and in routine . Its name is face pack and scrub for winters. Simple, Now what do this pack do? this pack gives you natural moisturizing, it gives a natural glow. First of all you have to take 1 tbsp of gram flour squeeze 1/2 of lemon juice without the seeds for sure After that add pinch of turmeric in it, which is easily available at every home in the spice box. But, you will not use the turmeric out of the spice box As that spice box contains other spices so you don’t need to use that turmeric. use the fresh turmeric as we usually keep it. And put a pinch of it. Now what you have to do, if your skin is normal to oily. Add 2-3 drops of milk in it if you have dry skin then add 1/2 to 1 tsp of milk cream. Now add 2 tbsp of rose water in all the ingredients. Either you put 2 spoons or put it in a way which can make this as a paste Now the procedure is done. But, now i will tell you the process of using . Firstly what you have to do when you get in the morning. You wash your face with your favorite face wash, its simple we do it always. After that apply your favorite moisturizer cream. Not the paste/scrub which we have made. normally any moisturizing cream you use at your home apply that then make this paste in the morning, don’t make it in the night to use in the morning. No. don’t do that. Because as much as the paste is fresh it will give that much effects. Then take this paste along with you while bathing & apply this and then eave it for 2 minutes. that’s it . and when you will wash it under the shower or tap then wash it off in a circular motion. So that with this a massage and moisture will go deep inside the skin. and then this will definitely leave your skin rejuvenated. After this, once you are done, bathing and wash wash done now. There is a option that you may or may not use the soap. If you found it oily then you can wash it off with your face wash. otherwise , sometimes what happens that its such a beautiful scrub . that after washing it off, you will feel so good. right, this is my personal experience. Really, once this is done, you are sorted for the day. Trust me, i can give you a list of the benefits of this pack. Firstly, the milk & the milk cream moisturizs the skin. Its an antibiotic , as it heals the dry portion very fast because of the pinch of the turmeric. It rejuvenate the skin & gives you the natural glow. makes you skin supple. when you have supple skin then wrinkles get delayed. please do try this at home and let me know how do you like it? comment below Comment box is there, do let me know that how do you find the videos and tips And then like my video, share it over Facebook,twitter and your wall. Share it on your facebook wall and subscribe my channel And I will see you soon guys, see you bye-bye take care

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