How to Make Face Masks : How to Remove a Face Mask from Dry Skin

Hi, I’m Geeta, a beautician and hairdresser
from India. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to make your own face
mask. Ok now let us see how to remove the dry skin mask. Take a wet gauze, remove the
excess water from it. Remove the eye patch from the eyes first. Press the wet gauze against
the skin. This is a milk and honey mask which generally does not dry on the skin. Remove
it thoroughly in the same direction in which it was applied. Do not rub the skin harshly.
Check behind the ears. Thoroughly wipe the face all over. Creases
of the nose, below the eyes, the hairline should be properly cleaned with the wet gauze.
So as the traces of the pack should not be there on the skin. Now this pack hydrates
the skin as the skin is dry. After removing the mask, take a tissue paper or a cotton
cloth; wipe the excess water from the skin. Then apply appropriate moisture to the skin.
The amount of moisturizer should be very little. Otherwise it will make the face look greasier.

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