How to Make Face Masks : How to Make an Herbal Face Mask

Hi, I?m Geeta, a beautician and hairdresser
from India. On behalf of Expert Village, I?m going to show you how to make your own face
mask. Ok, now let us take a look at some herbal ingredients from Ancient India which we’ll
use for different types of skin for different purposes. Here I have certain ingredients
from Ancient India and herbal websites which I would like which I would like to show. This
is imbleeca infacialnalist. This is the dried form of Indian Goose feathers. Thalaminia
cheborah. Thelaminilia thaletica. Now these three ingredients together, in the form of
powder, paste or decoctions are great for first feet and dirty lesions. They also equalize
the PH of the skin type. The PH of the skin in every pack is very important factor. Now
comes the sandal wood. Sandle wood is soothing, cooling, good for excessive heat boils and
itching. Theramatic powder is a great antiseptic. In India it is considered as a great healer
for aches and pains. Licorice root powder along with Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera powder
are great humitants used for the dry types of skins. This is Melia Azatata rite. The
seed from this particular herb are very good for pimples and acne as it contains high concentration
of sulfur into it. The leaves from this particular herb are antiseptic and are good astringents
for the skin, for the skins with pimples and acne. Now comes Selsa pyree leaves. Selsa
pyree leaf is again good for dry type of skin. It also helps in removing the pittered marks
from the pimples and chickenpox. Apart from all these ingredients which I have here. Mango
leaves and Blackeled leaves are also great antiseptics and good astringents for the oily
and pimpled skins. So these reddelresites from Indian Herbal which would make good packs
for different types of skins with the desired results.

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