How to Make Face Masks : How to Make a Face Mask for Dry Skin

Hi, I’m Geeta a beautician and hairdresser
from India. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to make your own face
mask. Ok now let us see how to make a face mask for the dry type of skin from the ingredients
available in our kitchen. A dry type of skin may be oil dry or moisture dry. Looks thin,
feels threepy, feels rough to hand, very dry and some find superficial lines are also present
in this type of skin. Here are some ingredients which are helpful for this type of skin. I
would like to show you some of the ingredients available in the kitchen. This is milk powder.
Honey, which is a great humitant. Rose water. Olive oil. Milk cream. Now let us see how
to make a face mask for dry type of skin out of the ingredients available here. Take some
milk powder; add a few drops of honey to it. A few drops of olive oil. And some rose water
to mix it to a paste. Make a fine paste so as it is easy to apply on the skin. Here the
mask for dry skin is ready. The main purpose of this mask is to give moisture and oil to
the skin.

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