How to Make Face Masks : Face Mask Ingredients in the Market

Hi im Geeta, a beauty therapits and hairdresser
from India. On behalf of expert village, im going to show you how to make your own face
mask. Ok, now let us take a look at some basic and
easily available ingredients in the market which can be used as homemade mask at home.
For example culin powder, colossut powder, honey, magnessium carbonate powder, rose water,
olive oil, all these ingredients can be mixed at home and make the desirable mask. Now i
would like to show you a demo of a base pack which will be the base of all type of mask.
This is a culin light powder. I would like to add some honey to it as this powder alone
will extract the moisture from the skin and honey being good humectant, will help it.
Ok, now add some rose water, to the culin powder, take a brush, mix to a proper consistency,
so as it makes easier application. this forms a nice base and it makes a good base pack
for any type of mask use on different types of skin. Now this pack can be used on oily
skin, as it is mixed. So the pack is ready, it should be of this consistency. Now for
making a dry skin pack, you can add a few drops of almond oil or olive oil to it so
that it would make a dry skin pack which will cure moisture to the dry skin and will help
in certain regeneration process. another important thing is that, if the skin is dull, dehydrate
it. You can use magnessium carbonate and more of honey to the pack so that it will make
a good pack to this type of skin.

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