How to Make an Oat & Lime Facial Mask | DIY Spa Facials

I get asked a lot about what are the best
ingredients to help handle unwanted pigment. The best thing that I could recommend for
the skin is lime juice and oatmeal as a mask. So that’s what we’re going to make now. I’m just going to cut my lime, and you want
the lime juice from the whole lime. So I’m going to put that into my oatmeal. It actually smells amazing together. Don’t worry if you get a little bit of pulp
from the lime into the oatmeal. So we’re going to use the juice from the whole
lime. Now I’m just going to blend it. The best thing about this mask is how easy
it is to use. I always find that masks that contain oatmeal
are really easy for someone to use at home because of the consistency. It applies really easily to the surface of
the skin, and it’s so nice and soothing that people really love it. So the purpose of the lime juice is really
because it lightens the skin. That’s really the active ingredient in this
mask. The oatmeal takes out inflammation, so the
acidity from the lime won’t really bother the surface of your skin too much. You don’t want it to really burn. You certainly wouldn’t put this around the
eyes. But you do want to apply this everywhere. If you look at how I’m just applying it now
it’s super easy to apply to the surface of your skin. You want to leave this on the skin for 20
minutes. If you have a lot of unwanted pigment and
you want to do a series of these masks I would do this mask for 30 minutes once a week. And definitely stay out of the sun in between. You don’t want to get more pigment during
the week and then have to fix it every Sunday when you’re doing this mask. But if you leave this on for 20 minutes, rinse
it off, you’re going to really be surprised at how bright, clear, and beautiful your skin
really looks. It’s going to be amazing.

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