How To Make A No Sew DIY N95 Type Protective Face Mask | Coronavirus | Covid-19

hi guys welcome back and happy Saturday
to you and in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how to do a DIY n95 ish type
of mask which should offer very similar level of protection of course it’s never
gonna be exactly the same as an n95 but in desperate times right better have
something close than nothing at all so here is my kind of homemade idea that’s
just lipstick so and I will show you all the parts so if you are interested in
learning how to make a mask that has a higher level of protection let’s get
into it alright and guys I have to do this
disclaimer because it’s YouTube I can’t make any medical comments about
how protective this filter would be outside of just using good common sense
and the basic understanding of science so you will need to start with a merv 13
filter and you can still get these anywhere and what we’re shooting for is
the same sort of being able to catch the same sized particles so an n95 filters
out to the point three micron level coronaviruses point one but it’s also
has to be attached to something for it to be floating for you to inhale it like
a respiratory particle or droplet so that’s why I would be able to catch it
in a mask this is just a cool image I saw and you can see that even surgical
masks provide some layer of protection so this mask of course much better than
nothing and again we’ll be using the Merv 13 filter and you can see on the
right here that it filters down to the virus level alright so back to the video
so you have a Merv 13 filter and you’re just gonna want to tear away the little
it’s like very light kind of cardboard and you just kind of keep your finger
close to it so you’re not you know ripping the surface of the actual merv
filter so you’re just gonna take all of that off on both sides and then kind of
break the carton away from it and then this is what you will be left with one
side looks like this it has this very light wiring and then the other side is
just sort of this soft like filtery type material like this and it has this very
accordion type shape so the first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to
measure out something that is six inches tall and nine inches wide and you can
get about a filters out of each of these filters and
of course more if it’s for children so again that measurement was six by nine
and nine inches is the width and then so very carefully once you’ve cut your
little piece you know go ahead and pull back and this stuff is kind of sharp so
if you wanted to wear gloves go crazy it didn’t hurt my fingers but just try to
keep your hands close to it as you’re pulling it back because that’ll reduce
the amount of stuff that you’re pulling off the top so once you have that now we
are ready to start building our filter and Orsi’s me our mask and then go ahead
and turn your glue gun on alright so grab a pair of old leggings would be
best or a t-shirt I mean pretty much any kind of cloth but if it stretches it’s
gonna be a little bit better and then you want to measure out now I’m just
cutting straight from the leg and you’re gonna see me cut a piece that is sort of
seven inches long and it’s just a rough measurement and of course this is gonna
change based on your face this one was for my face and then also cut one
another one inch strip and I’ll show you what to do with that at the end alright
so now we’re just going to kind of slide our hand in between the layer again this
could be a t-shirt sleeve that would be ideal anything like that this would be a
good time to get rid of some of those unwanted t-shirts all right so now we
have this piece and just go ahead and lay it out alright now we’re gonna take
that Merve filter that we had and you can see it already has this sort of nice
accordion pleating done for us so that is fantastic so what we’re gonna do is
just sort of take the layers and pinch them back together but obviously there’s
not gonna have that metal now you can use either hair ties rubber bands it
doesn’t really matter you can tie the ends off with anything you like even a
pipe cleaner I just happen to use these because this is what I had sitting there
so go ahead and wrap them really really tight and then run your fingers down
those little channels so you can make sure that you have the groups correct
and then pinch it as close to the end as possible but not so close that the
little ties are going to slide off and then you will see here in a second that
voila now we have the base for our mask okay so we’re just gonna open that up a
little bit so you wouldn’t want that right up against your face because that
might not be super comfortable and also that right there by itself even though
is a decent level of protection we’re gonna
add something which might seem sort of weird to you guys and that is a maxi pad
and why are we gonna do that because it has a super absorbent layer and also a
layer that pulls moisture away well in this case from your face so we are going
to and again I know that this may seem strange guys but this is much much
better than having nothing so these are just from the Dollar Tree and I think
they come 22 a pack for you guessed it a dollar so go ahead and open it up and
then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna have that little sticky backing
which we’re gonna need in a minute but we need to cut some of this off
because we need it to sit inside that sort of little mask area so just go
ahead and fold it in half and you’re really just kind of trimming those
excess ends I mean I am cutting into the pad a tiny little bit but not a lot as
you can see guys this doesn’t have to be perfect you know it’s a single you throw
it away when you’re done situation so what you’re gonna do is sort of gently
just push that in there and what that’s gonna do is obviously provide yet
another layer of protection which is what we’re going for but also give it
more of that mask kind of dome type of shape to keep it up off your face so
there you go we’re done no I’m kidding we’re not we’re not done
but we’re getting there all right so now we’re gonna take that piece of clock
that we cut and we’re gonna put this here and so the idea is that we’re going
to drop a line of hot glue right there around the very very top and you see me
doing that right here and then what I’m gonna do is take the very edge and I’m
gonna fold it over and what now we’re just kind of closing everything in sort
of again giving ourselves another layer of protection of course cloth probably
doesn’t really offer very much protection at all but look let’s triple
duty this thing and then you’re gonna spin it around and you’re gonna do the
exact same thing so again make sure that you’re just gluing the very edge because
you need to leave room for that mask to expand when we’re done so you’re just
gonna put the glue right around the very very top and then pull just the edge
right here and that’s what you see me sort of fighting with here and then
you’re gonna want to really pinch it so that you have a nice you know as clean
and crisp of an edge you can we’re gonna drop a dot of glue
here over one of these ends we’re gonna crisscross the remaining material to
help give it that sort of mask cup type shape and you’re gonna bring it down and
then you’re just gonna put another drop of glue this is for all my people who
don’t know how to sew like myself or just don’t feel like it and then go
ahead and cross that up and so now you have one little band and if you really
want to make it nice and clean which I did I’m just gonna put another little
line of glue and press it in and then one side of my mask is pretty much
complete so there you go now we’re just going to do the other side so again put
a little drop of glue here and pull it down over making sure that you pull it
and sort of that angle is important when you put the mask on because it does help
to provide the right shape alright guys so now we have this and we’re done nope
oh hello friend he was stuck to my finger the last thing that we need to do
is tinfoil we’re gonna bake something now we’re not baking we’re gonna finish
this thing off so what are we gonna do with tinfoil we are going to attempt to
give ourselves a customized fit so you’re gonna take about a 12 inch long
piece and then you’re gonna take a ruler and just kind of bend it over on itself
and just keep going that’s what you’re going to be doing here for a second and
we’re creating a line and I’m gonna show you how to use this this is totally
optional you don’t have to do this I did it because I want this thing sitting as
close to my face as humanly possible so that’s why I’m doing this part again
feel free to skip it and then so you’re gonna take whatever you have left and
just place it on the table and then use your exactly what you see me doing here
just crease it in half and then fold it over on itself that’s just gonna make it
a little bit thicker and give you a little bit more of an ability to shape
this thing to your face that was my thumb oops
anyway alright so the very last thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to
a fix this to your mask with some hot glue so find kind of your center point
and then go ahead and add your hot glue and just do that very top sort of
crescent moon type piece for the part and then I’ll show you how to
finish it off and so you really really want to press this in with your fingers
so you can get a nice tight seal all right and then all we have to do is
secure these last little pieces but what you do not want to do is secure them
straight across the top and I’m gonna show you here in one second what you do
not want to do and so this is what you do not want to do you do not want to
take it and glue it right there which is what I did the first couple times I
built this mask about 10 different times until I got it right you want to glue it
straight down and that will help you to crease it into sort of just over your
cheek bones so that you’re getting a nice comfortable relatively actually
tight fit to your face I mean When in Rome
guys this is not a perfect solution that’s obvious and anybody that wants to
add let me come back to that so you just cut a little full fold the material in
half and just cut a little tiny hole and then that’s where you’re gonna use that
little extra strip while I told you about in the beginning and then we’re
gonna go over to the other side and again just crease the material just cut
a teeny tiny little hole and then you’re going to just push it through then we’re
going to see how this thing looks so you just push it through there you go okay
you’re all are about to see me with very little makeup on because of this so you
can see this is what we’re working with but alright so I was talking here but I
decided to keep recording because the video was or the audio was not good so
then we’re just gonna put it over our heads which is okay because this is
clean mask this is what you’d be putting on before you left and then you’re just
gonna you’re not gonna put it behind your ears you can but I did not find it
comfortable there you could just cinch it up right behind your neck this is
great because you can adjust it to anybody’s head size tie it off if you’re
worried about it you can cut those little ties off or just leave them there
so you can look like a cool little ninja whatever floats your boat and then
you’re gonna hold the top of the mask and pull it under and that’s where
you’re gonna get a nice cup sort of fit up around the bottom of your throat and
so now you can see so it’s a little bit thicker but hey I’m here for the
protection so that gives us a Merv 13 filter plus the maxi pad plus the
covering of the cloth and this is certainly better than a surge of
masks and as you can see it I mean I mean it doesn’t look terrible I mean I
wouldn’t wear it on a first date but yeah this will work for what we’re going
for I mean guys if you can’t find them
anything is better than nothing I’m just saying here that you can cut it
off when you’re done with it so you don’t even have to reach behind your
ears and potentially contaminate yourself just cut it off and let it fall
straight you know to the ground or into the trash and there you go no
possibility for contamination and so right here also you can kind of retrofit
these little masks and so you see that that little piece right there that’s
what you would press into your face to kind of get that nice tight fit I hope
you guys enjoyed that bye bye

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