How to Make a Honey, Egg & Milk Mask | DIY Spa Facials

I get asked a lot about what is the best mask
to use when you want to do something really anti aging, but you still break out. So this mask is great for that. You’re going to need a tablespoon of honey. I like it when you warm it up a little bit
first because I think it’s just easier to work with when it’s a little bit looser. We’re going to do a third of a cup of organic
whole milk. We’re going to use one egg. Eggs are great if you do break out, they’re
very clarifying for the skin. Finally I’m going to use one tablespoon of
almond oil which is great because it is an anti inflammatory, but it also is very hydrating
and very anti aging. Let’s start combining our ingredients. I’m going to add my third of a cup of milk
to my honey, my warmed honey. Let’s add our egg. We’re going to do the whole egg for this recipe. And we’re going to do one tablespoon of almond
oil. Whenever there’s an egg in the recipe, I prefer
to use a fork to blend the ingredients together because I just think it’s easier. I’m basically just beating the egg in with
my almond oil, my honey, and my milk. It’s going to be a pretty liquidy consistency. That’s fine, you don’t really need a fifth
mask on the surface of the skin. You’re just going to apply a super thin layer
right to the skin’s surface. So if you’re concerned with anti aging, but
you also still break out, this mask is incredible for you. I would leave this on the surface of the skin
for 20 minutes and then rinse off with tepid water. You are going to be amazed. Your skin is going to be hydrated. It’s going to be dewy. And you’ll have done something really incredible
for the elasticity of the skin and the foundation for your skin. And you’re going to look great.

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