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hey guys Megan here at laseraway with another great DIY skincare recipe the berry mask is one of the quickest and easiest masks you can make while doing wonders for your skin but first off why do we use berries berries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which are necessary for collagen production and maintenance while neutralizing free radicals in the skin furthermore antioxidants are great for calming inflammation firming up the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles minimizing the appearance of scars and helping to repair sun damage so let’s get started you will need five blueberries five blackberries and five raspberries to start make sure you rinse all the berries thoroughly place in a small bowl to mash mix with a fork until it looks like a thick fruit juice apply to your face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes rinse with warm water and pat dry so there you have it the berry mask is a quick and easy DIY skincare recipe that will keep your skin looking fresh and supple if you want to take your facial to the next level you absolutely want to try clear and brilliant clear and brilliant is a skin rejuvenation treatment that helps improve overall tone and texture of the skin it helps with hyperpigmentation fine lines and large pores and even acne scarring it’s great for all skin types and is good for anyone who’s looking to reverse early signs of aging by giving them brighter and smoother looking skin since I’ve been doing a clear brilliant treatments and actually I go out without makeup on and I feel totally comfortable with it all of my scarring that I have has definitely improved and its really been such a great experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone that has been issues or people that are just looking for a new youthful look like that video make sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking left and for more awesome videos click right and to schedule your free consultation for any of our services click the onscreen link what are you waiting for

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  • Berry Face Mask is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Other benefits are it calms inflammation, firms the skin, reduces appearances of wrinkles, minimizes appearances of scars, and helps repair sun damaged skin. #TeamLA

  • Crap. Iv always used ginger and raspberry fave mask at home 6 berry and a good size nob a ginger grated

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