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  • i liked this video! its great! but, that girls a blonde, and she filled her brows in black…. not workin out for her :/

  • @mullinsmisty i think she just died her hair blonde and tht shes not a real blonde otherwise her brows would be blonde to ya kno? i mean even if she DID fill in her brows it wouldnt actualy look as natural as tht

  • it's Physician's Formula!!!!

  • you will need a skin condition??????? nice o_0

  • I dont agree. Probably an old video though. Because now, u can find ur perfect mineral foundation match even if ur dark. meow cosmetics for instance provide up to 86 shades with up to 13 undertones. ur sure to find a good match. as for mature skin, you can apply silicone based primer underneath to fill in pores and fine lines so it doesnt settle in there. and for dry skin, you can apply the foundation wet by spraying your brush with water before applying. This works for mature skin too 🙂

  • oh and spray with mac fix+ or anything of that nature to set it. it will help the powder to meld into your skin and eliminate that powdery look if u have dry skin. for oily skin, it will mix with ur natural oils meld into your skin.

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