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  • Wow. What's next? a coating of honey? a visit to the doctor?

  • I have a scar on me eyebrow

  • Raw Organic Honey on the wound then bandage, the honey turns into a natural peroxide that your body can deal with and the honey covering (use alot) will replace the usual scab which causes the scar. Raw honey is now used in the best burn treatment centers because nothing beats it in the medical industry. Who ever said to put glue on a wound is misguided. The wound only heals faster with glue or other poisons because your body is trying extra hard to stop from being poisoned in the wounded area.

  • so….should i peel off the scab?

  • Avoid vitamin E because it doesn't show a noticeable effect? Why avoid it?

  • Help I cut my chin and its is bleeding. What happened was I was a skateboarding ( I'm a girl) I was going fast and trying to stop my penny board but I fell and a car was behind me I glided andcut it bad😞😭. Plz how do I stop it from scarring?????

  • She's kinda pretty 😍

  • Why would you put soap on a cut? It hurts like a mother f***er

  • Did she cut herself on purpose for this 😂

  • My friend scratched me pretty bad almost a week ago
    Day 1: wash 3-4 times a day, apply coconut oil
    Day 2: Wash 3-4 times a day, apply coconut oil, put on bandaid
    Day 3: Remove bandaid, Wash 2-3 times a day, put on honey for 10 minutes, wash off honey
    Day 4: Wash 2-3 times a day, Put on coconut oil
    Day 5: Wash 2-3 times a day, put on honey for 10 mins, wash off honey,
    Day 6: Wash 2-3 times a day, coconut oil, bandage
    It's healing pretty well, no signs of scarring. It was bleeding when I first got, now the scratches are closing. 😊

  • She's so beautiful. She's perfect.

  • I fell and a razor blade cut my wrist.

  • Bruh I cut myself with a knife on my wrist..😪and no one knows I cut myself and I have to wear a dress this Sunday but idk how to hide my scars I need help!😪💔

  • Don’t use Petroleum Jelly on Any wound. Petrol=Oil you put in your home or car. Lugol’s iodine will not only help it heal, but applying Lugol’s iodine will also regenerate skin and help old or new scars disappear. It’s been documented in many clinical trials. Research PubMed Lugol’s iodine scar healing. Lugol’s iodine is also inexpensive, around $20 a bottle on Amazon.

  • well um i have like a hundred cuts on each of my arm, and I'm not sure if I have enough stuff for those uh cuts.

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