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There are so many myths out there
about how to treat acne and I’m interested to learn
what is actually the truth. Are you ever getting ready for bed and you can just feel something
is starting to happen on your face? I know sometimes I can tell when I wake up,
there’s going to be a pimple. And that’s when you hop online, and you’re trying to find any way
to get rid of it as fast as possible. I’ve used salt on a lemon, toothpaste,
rubbing alcohol, and while some of these might work, maybe they don’t,
and maybe they’re damaging our skin. So, I decided to ask a dermatologist
and see what an expert had to say. Everybody wants to get rid of acne overnight, but the real truth is that when you see a pimple it’s likely already been there for about 6 weeks. So, we can give you some tips
on how to speed the pimple along, but the real thing to think about is looking for a routine something that will manage your acne so that you’re not faced
with these overnight emergencies. One of the most common home remedies to get rid of acne overnight
is to use toothpaste. Toothpaste used to have
an antibacterial component, which is why people probably
used to turn to it. Also, it’s minty so it feels like
it’s medicated and it’s doing something for your acne,
but in actual fact, the toothpaste is not really
that helpful for acne. And I do often see people that have very red, dried out patches
from using toothpaste. So, this is not something that I would advise
as an overnight zit zapper. Yes, lemon and salt as a treatment for pimples
often comes up when you Google as does apple cider vinegar. It may dry the pimple out, but it also can increase inflammation,
which might make the area more red. And it causes a lot of peeling,
which then will be difficult to cover up with makeup when you do have to cover
the pimple the next day. And then, salt is not a great idea
because it can cause little microscopic bits of damage
to the skin, and again, further increase inflammation. Rubbing alcohol is another
very common home remedy for acne, probably because people think that acne is caused by a bacterial infection,
which it’s not. It may dry out the pimple,
but it can also cause a little bit of peeling and irritation to the skin, and it’s not actually
getting at the root cause of the pimple. Really, the most important thing is
to keep your hands off: no squeezing, no picking. Because that’s just going to extend
the life of those pimples. If you do want to do something
for the pimples in terms of a treatment, you can use a product
that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, as these can actually get
a bit more at the root cause of the acne. If your acne’s not improving,
or you develop scarring, please seek the expertise
of a board-certified dermatologist. So, we know there’s no miracle.
You want to focus on your whole face. So, I like to start
with a purifying gel cleanser that has a physiological pH,
which isn’t going to worsen my skin’s condition. Then I like to use
a micro-exfoliating lotion to help shrink my pores and clear them. And then finally I like to use
a hydrating global acne treatment to not only hydrate my skin but also
prevent the reoccurrence of acne. So, now you can go to bed with a clear mind knowing you’ve done everything you can
to treat your acne. I know it’s tempting to head into the kitchen
and get a home remedy, but we want to treat our skin
without damaging it. Good luck!

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