How To Get Rid of Pimples Overnight At Home Naturally

How To Get Rid of Pimples Overnight At Home Naturally:-
1. Get a small bowl of warm water and add a lot of salt to it

2. Take a cotton ball and place it into the salt water, after 30 seconds you can remove it.

3. Squeeze out all the excess water. You want the cotton ball to be damp but not dripping water.

4. Next, you need to put the cotton ball on top of the pimple you want to remove. If there are several pimples in the area, you will be able to treat them all at once as long as the cotton ball fits over them.

5. Set your timer for 3 minutes and keep holding the cotton ball on the pimple.

6. After 3 minutes, remove the cotton ball. A lot of the zit should appear to be gone but usually it’s just the top that’s gone and the acne is still there.

7. Take two clean cotton balls and place one on each side of the pimple.

8. Next, push the two cotton balls towards each other slowly until the pimple has flattened.

9. The pimple is now gone, you can wipe up the area.

10. I recommend applying honey to the area.

Helpful Tip: Make sure you use salt water, regular water will not work. Also, make sure you try it for the whole 3 minutes.

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