How to Get Rid of Hard Pimples – Hard Pimple Under Skin

pimple is a common condition that
plagues the skin hard pimples are hard to the touch
under the skin and often associated with cystic acne if you have a hard pimple
watch how to get rid of it try green tea green tea has a lot of
properties to help treat acne it is anti-inflammatory and has been shown to
help reduce oil production studies have shown that green tea is a good natural
acne remedy so green tea bags in warm water and apply them directly to the
hard pimple the tea will act as an astringent to draw out the pimple and
help reduce inflammation you can also use the brewed tea on your face put some
on a cotton ball to spot treat the hard pimple use tea tree oil tea tree oil is
one of the most popular ways to remove hard pimples it has antiseptic
antifungal antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties you can
apply tea tree oil directly onto the hard pimples or you can dilute it in a
non comedogenic oil such as mineral oil argan oil or olive oil put some tea tree
oil on a cotton ball or a finger tip and apply directly to the deep pimple if you
have a sensitivity to tea tree oil use a carrier oil tea tree oil has been shown
to be just as helpful as benzoyl peroxide in treating acne be careful not
to get any tea tree oil near your eyes always test for sensitivity to essential
oils put a single drop of the oil on your wrist and wait for 10 to 15 minutes
if there is no irritation you should be able to use the oil you

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