How To Get Rid of Acne & Pimples In Just 21 Days / Get Clear Skin, Remove Acne, Remove Pimples

Friends I welcome you to my Channel SImple Beauty Secrets. Today’s remedy is not any ordinary remedy but just in 21 days Yes only in three weeks it will remove all the marks , scars , acne and pimples. It will also remove excessive oil and dark spots . If you have such marks on your face as i am showing you .so you use this remedy from today. Just in 21 days it will remove all your scars and marks. That is my promise. Lets start making the remedy . First of all you need graham Flour. Then Iam adding Turmeric powder. My next ingredient is olive oil which is very beneficial for our skin. then honey . and last ingredient is yogurt. Now mix all the ingredients and make a paste. The best thing about this remedy is all the ingredients used in this remedy are very important and beneficial for our skin . turmeric powder has anti bacterial properties. because of which it kills germs of pimples and acne. Graham flour reduces the excessive oil production of our skin which causes acne and pimple. It not only treats acne but also stops them to appear again. olive oil has also good amount of antioxidants which gives our skin glow & reduces aging process. Now I will show you how to apply it but before that do subscribe my channel. Apply this mixture with the help of finger tip and brush. Make sure that the brush is clean . If you will use a dirty brush it wont help the cause and germs will result in more acne and pimples. Do remember this thing that always clean your makeup brushes. you have to use this mixture daily for next 21 days only for 25 minutes, Remember you dont have to scrub or rub it . Dont rub it with towel leave it on and let it dry naturally. tap with the tissue to dry your skin. if you are sick of your acne and pimple and remedy helps so I Guarantee you that this treatment will get rid of all your pimples, acne & marks. You just have to use it regularly. and then see the magic. I will be back with another amazing video till then Bye Bye.

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