How to get rid of ACNE once and for all

Acne often appears on the skin at an absolutely
inconvenient time, so there is little time to fight it. Bloggers, who flooded the network, came to
help the beauties with effective life hacks that help to overcome acne quickly. TOOTHPASTE. One of the most effective ways to get rid
of acne is ordinary toothpaste. It is necessary to apply it to the pimple
and wait for a few hours. It turns out that toothpaste quickly dries
acne and reduces inflammation. Bloggers recommend doing the procedure before
going to bed and then the effect of such a simple mask will be better. GARLIC
An effective way to fight acne is ordinary garlic. Although this procedure is not quite pleasant
because of the smell of the plant, but within a few hours there will be no trace of the
pimple. In order not to feel discomfort from the procedure,
it should also be done before going to bed. Tea tree oil. Bloggers shared another effective way to overcome
acne – this is ordinary tea tree oil, which can be found in any pharmacy. It quickly dries acne and, unlike garlic,
has a pleasant smell. In addition, network users are advised to
prevent the appearance of acne with the proper use of cosmetics and weekly application of
the mask. In particular, white and green clay perfectly
clean the skin and dry it. How many Likes do you think this video will

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