HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE ‣‣ 5 natural acne remedies

(optimistic music) – Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are talking about skincare, and I am going to share five simple tricks that help you naturally treat acne. So we’ve talked a little bit about some of my clear skin tips
in the past few weeks, and I’ve talked about it
on the blog even more, but I personally have been struggling with some breakouts in
the last six months or so, so I’ve been changing things
up in my skincare routine. I’ve been exploring new products, I’ve been talking to estheticians and I’ve found a few things
that I think can really help, and can really benefit
and these are more once the pimples form. So these are how you’re
gonna treat the acne that you might be seeing. So for example if you
have it on your forehead or you have little spots somewhere, these are some tips or some products that you can apply that
can potentially help to reduce the pimples
that have already formed. If you’re interested in learning more about some of clear skin tips, so treating it before it happens, I have a video all about that, and I will link that down below, and I’ll also link some
helpful blog posts. Of course I’m also linking
all of the products that I mentioned in the blog post, and in this video. So, make sure to check
out the description below for everything that we talk about today. Without further ado, let’s
go ahead and dive in. All right so first things
first, double cleansing. I feel like this is something that has kind of taken off
in the last year or so, and the idea is that you
wash your face twice. So for me this is something
that I have just started to incorporate into my routine, and I really do actually
think it helps especially if I have a day where I’ve worked out or it’s out and about in the
city or I have makeup on. Double cleansing is a really good way to make sure that your
skin is thoroughly clean because sometimes there
is residue left over, and that can cause bacteria
to form on your face and it can create pimples. So I have two different
methods of double cleansing. One is to start with an oil cleanser, and the oil cleanser
that I’m currently using is from Primally Pure, and
it is their oil cleanser, and it comes in three different varieties. So there’s an oily skin
one, a normal skin, and a sensitive skin. I have the oily skin ’cause I feel like I’ve been noticing a little
bit of extra oil in my T-zone. So this basically how you use it is you take a dropper full, you put it in between your hands, and then you rub it between your hands and you clean your face with the oil on a dry face, so you
don’t have your face wet. From there you wash off the oil, and then you move onto
your second cleanse, and that is something that I tend to do that is a little bit more gentle. So it might be my gentle milk cleanser that I’ve shared before from REN or it is raw honey, and that actually leads into my second tip which is to wash your face with raw honey. So I know not everybody
is going to be using honey that watches these videos
because some of you are vegan, and don’t use honey in your
diet or in your products. That’s totally fine,
you can skip this one, but I do personally use honey in my diet, and so I wanted to include
it because I think it is incredibly beneficial and
there are a few reasons why. So honey, raw honey specifically, is really anti-microbial,
anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. It’s also really hydrating,
it’s also really gentle, and it’s also budget-friendly
and completely natural. So the one that I have currently is Manuka honey from New Zealand. This is a special form of honey that only comes from New Zealand. It is 100% raw. You don’t have to do Manuka honey, it’s a little bit on the pricey side. I had some in my cabinet, so that’s why I’m going
through it right now, but you can actually find raw
honey at most grocery stores. The benefit of using raw is
that it has not been heated yet. So, the honey that you see
in the little honey bears, the honey that is pasteurized, that isn’t going to help your skin. The honey that you need to get is raw because it still has all of
those amazing properties in it that help to fight bacteria on your skin. So the reason why it’s great, again, to use as a cleanser is because we are fighting
bacteria on the skin. So I actually use this in the morning especially if I have
worked out in the morning and I have sweat, so if I go
to soul cycle or hot yoga, I will follow up with a
simply honey face wash and then I also will use it as the second step in my double cleansing. So I cleanse first with the
oil which I just showed you, and then I cleanse with the raw honey. Cleansing with raw honey is so easy. All you have to do is just wet your face with a little bit of warm water then scoop about maybe two teaspoons
up to a tablespoon of honey out of the pot or the jar, rub it gently between your hands, and then honestly you
just cleanse your face like you would any other normal cleanser. It feels amazing, your
skin feels so clean, and I really have noticed
a difference in my skin. There is an article that one of my friends has published about cleansing with honey. So if you’re interested in
learning more about that, I’ll link it down below for you. So the third thing that I recommend, and we’ve talked about
this before is to use an enzyme peel or an exfoliating peel. I don’t personally like to
use the exfoliators anymore that have scrubs ’cause I think that those are a little bit harsh on the skin especially if you have sensitive skin. So what I do instead
is use an enzyme peel. The first one is from Naturopathica, and it is their cherry enzyme peel. It’s really brightening,
it’s really gentle. It’s also really hydrating
and it’s an exfoliator. So enzyme peels exfoliate your skin and basically they’re removing dead skin from your top layer of skin which is helping skin to regrow, but it’s also sloughing off the dead skin which can cause bacteria if it remains. So exfoliating at least
once a week is ideal. I would not do more than
twice a week with these masks. So the first one, like I mentioned, is the bright cherry enzyme
peel from Naturopathica and the second one is from Ursa Major and it is their three
minute brightening mask and it also is an exfoliating enzyme peel, and it’s really great. Both are really gentle and I really, really like both of them. So, maybe go with whichever
one is better in your budget or that you like the ingredients of. So, I think you can’t go
wrong with either one. My fourth tip is about spot treatments. So, a lot of times spot treatments that you might buy like at the drugstore have some sort of chemical in them, and I’m not necessarily saying that those things are bad, but they can be a little bit toxic, so if you wanna the
completely natural route, I have two tips for you. Number one is to use tea tree oil, and tea tree oil is shown
in many different areas to help treat acne and
I think the reason why, I haven’t done a ton
of research on my own, but I think the reason why is because it’s kind of drying. So you can use it as a spot treatment and leave it on overnight, and it should help dry
out some of those pimples. If tea tree oil isn’t working for you or it’s not something that you really enjoy using on your face, another option is to use a clay mask as an overnight spot treatment. So, the two that I currently have, one is from, what’s the brand called? Shaffali, I don’t know
how to pronounce it, but it’s this thing. It’s a volcanic ash mask
and this works really well as an overnight spa treatment. This is a little bit pricey,
so if you are on a budget, then you might not wanna invest in this because there is a very cheap alternative and it is bentonite clay. So this is Aztec Healing Clay. It comes in a big container like this. You can get it on Amazon,
you can get on Thrive Market, and you can mix it with water and create your own mask or your own spa treatment. So if you’re interested
in checking out the clay, I’ve linked it down below, but I actually do have a recipe on my blog for an acne treatment mask, and basically what I do is I just mix that mask together and then I use that as an overnight spa treatment. So I’ll just put it
directly on the pimples that I want to hopefully get rid of. I let it dry, I go to sleep, and then I wipe it off in the morning. I would test it before
you let it sit overnight. So maybe give yourself 30
to 45 minutes with it on, and see how it treats your skin. Sometimes if you have really, really sensitive skin it might be a little bit much for
you so you won’t want to leave it on for eight hours, but if you could handle it
for 45 minutes or an hour at a time as the spa treatment
then I think it’s safe to do overnight, just
test it before you do it. And what’s great about this is
that it’s really affordable. A little goes a long way, so this is gonna last
you a really long time, and you can mix it with
the mask ingredients that I have on the site
or you could just mix it with water and use it as a detoxifying mask
or the spa treatment. And then my fifth and
final thing is a tool that I just discovered and learned about from a holistic facialist
esthetician here in the city. And one of the tools
that they used on my skin that has made a huge difference
it a high frequency wand, and basically it looks like
this, I have it next to me. So it has this thing. It looks a little, hm, let’s
not say what it looks like, but it comes with these
little glass connectors. So, the one that I
bought, very affordable. I think this whole thing was $30. It comes with four different glass heads, and you basically stick it in, and then basically what this does is it’s killing bacteria on the skin. So, it has a few different levels here. So you can do it really low. I do it very gentle on my skin, and I just basically
run it along the areas where I have breakouts. So, they have a few different heads. This one’s great for
running over your forehead, running along your jawline. They also have a very
special little small thing that you can use in the
crevice of your nose or for fine lines. They also have one for
a comb that you can comb if you’re having hair loss
or anything like that. So I think that these
are really great tools. I don’t necessarily think
that they are necessary, but I do think that they can help with if you use them consistently, and when I do use them on my skin I notice that my acne goes away more quickly and it also can help reduce
fine lines and wrinkles. So, it’s also really affordable. I wouldn’t share it
with you if it was $300, but it’s three dollars on Amazon, and I feel like it’s
just one of those things that if you struggle with
acne and you are trying all these different things
and nothing’s working, it could just be something
that you might wanna give a try and see if it works for you. So those are my five basic tips. I do have two more products that I wanna share with
you and two more tips that I think will help. The first is a face wipe from Ursa Major. One of the things that I really recommend if
you’re struggling with acne is to wash your face
immediately after you workout. So if you do sweaty workouts like I do whether it’s at the
gym, running, spinning, yoga, whatever it is, go into the bathroom at
the studio or at home and immediately wash your face. If you don’t have access to that, having little face wipes
like this is really great. This is a four in one face wipe that has estrogens in it so
it’s really anti-bacterial. And just make sure that you’re
not going over the same place a lot with the same area of
the wipe, if that makes sense. So use different areas of the wipe because you don’t wanna wipe all the bacteria just around your face, but these are really great, and I’ll link them down below for you. And then the last thing
that I’ve been using and loving is this Everything Spray toner from Primally Pure. This toner is amazing because it has a ton of really astringent and bacteria fighting ingredients in it. Ingredients like aloe
vera juice, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar as well as a few essential oils like tea tree. So this is really great for acne. It’s a really great toner,
it’s also really hydrating. So it’s a great base layer under
your other skincare things. So, just another thing to think
about if you’re interested. So I know that this ended
up having seven tips, but I hope you found them helpful. If you have any questions for me, let me know in the comments below. As always I’ve linked everything
that we talked about today. I’ve also included a blog post
to go along with this video which kind of explains my
routine in more detail, share some more photos
of how I use the product. So if you’re interested in seeing that, definitely check out the links
down in the description box and this is also gonna be connected to my
natural beauty playlist. So if you would like to check
out more natural beauty videos there’s a playlist on my channel that has all of the stuff
that I’ve shared already. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not yet apart of our community. I would love to have you join
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