How to Get Glass Skin | For Skin With Acne

Hey, welcome to my channel! I wanted to try the glass skin trend that’s
kind of going around right now. And I don’t have perfect skin right now but
I’m going to try it out anyway. So I’m going to start by showing you my nighttime
routine. And I’m doing that because I’m prepping my
skin for the glass skin look in the morning. So I just want to show you what I’m going
to do tonight and then also in the morning. Alright, first I’m going to wash my hands. You should make sure your hands are clean
before touching your face. Okay, now that I’ve washed my hands I’m going
to remove the makeup that’s on my face. I don’t have any eye makeup on so I’m just
going to go straight in with oil on my face. And I’m just using coconut oil today. So I’m just going to get a little bit, about
that much I guess. And massage that into my hands and then just
massage it on my face. Alright, now I’m going to wash it off in the
shower. I’m just going to use this Innisfree Jeju
pore cleansing…volcanic pore cleansing foam. And I’m almost out of this but I really do
like this product. Okay, I’m out of the shower, here’s what my
skin looks like. This is all scars from recent acne. I have one active-ish breakout here, a little
bit here, this one is pretty much going away but then the rest are scars. I don’t know if you can see it… And then I have this here that just popped
up out of nowhere and I think its a 95% chance that its just from stress and a 5% chance
that it could be from kissing my dog. Or the other way around. I don’t want to think that kissing my dog
is breaking me out, that’s really sad. Next step in the skin care, I’m going to use
this Andalou pumpkin honey mask. It’s a glycolic acid mask and this is to exfoliate
and brighten my skin. And I should be using a brush probably but
I’m just going to use my finger and smooth that onto my face. Now I’m just going to leave that on for 10
minutes. Alright, 10 minutes is up. You can’t really see it from here…there’s
a little piece of the mask. It’s pretty sticky. I really like this mask, it smells different
but it has a warming effect on the face when you put it on. So I’m just going to rinse that off now. Next I’m using the Andalou Illuminating toner. I’m just going to spray this on my face instead
of using a cotton pad. And pat it in. Before that air-dries I’m going to use my
essence. I’m using the Secret Key starting (treatment)
essence. I’m going to actually spray a little bit of
toner on this cotton pad and add the essence to it. And then I’m just going to wipe it onto my
face. Alright, I’m going to use just a little bit
of apple cider vinegar on my breakout right on my lip and I’m going to let that dry and
apply my eye cream. I’m using this eye cream, its a collagen firming
eye cream. The company is Mizon, with a “j” but it’s
spelled with a “z” it’s a Korean company, that’s why it’s not pronounced with the “z”
and I probably said that totally wrong, and I’m sorry. I just need very little…you can’t even see
that…it’s just a little bit on my ring finger and I just mix that in with my other one and
then I just apply that under my eyes and up around here like that. Next I’m going to be using, from the same
brand, their black snail cream. I’m actually using this product for an entire
week so stay tuned for that video. I think this is day…I started Sunday night,
today is Tuesday night…so my third day I guess. I’ll talk about this cream in the video that I’m
going to be doing, I’m not going to say much about it now but it’s very hydrating. And I definitely think it gives the glass
skin glow. Alright lastly, this isn’t really part of
the glass skin routine, but I’m just going to add a little petroleum jelly to my lips
to keep them nice and hydrated. Alright so that is it for my nighttime glass
skin preparation. Here’s my skin. It does look a bit worse on camera, surprisingly. I feel like the scars look a lot more prominent
on camera. Okay, whatever. I will see you in the morning to show you
the rest of the routine. It is now the morning so I’m just going to
show you my skin right now. This got worse, well I wouldn’t say it got
worse but my lip on this side is so swollen, but I’m going to continue with this video
and still try to make this work. The bumps on my forehead have gone down quite
a bit and so that’s kind of my skin right now and I’m going to just jump right in with
my skin care. Alright, so I’m going to wash my face with
the Andalou creamy cleanser and I’m just going to use warm water and then wash it off with
cool water. Next I’m just going to use the same toner
I used last night. I’m also going to use the same essence. Now I’m just going to do a sheet mask and
I’m going to use this Mijin Cosmetics collagen sheet mask. Alright, I’m going to leave this on for about
15-20 minutes. Alright, it’s been a little over 15 minutes
and it felt like it was starting to dry out so I’m just going to take it off and I’m going
to use the leftover essence in the pouch and just pat that into my face and my neck. My face looks quite plump and glowy right
now, let me show you. Now that I’m all done with the sheet mask,
I’m just going to go in with my eye cream, the same one I used last night and then the
snail cream. I don’t know if you can tell but it’s pretty
glowy right now. Alright, now that I’m done with the skin care
part, I am going to do my makeup. I now I shouldn’t be putting makeup on this
but I’m just going to do it for the video and then wipe this area off as soon as I’m
done. I’m going to start by using this e.l.f. blemish
control primer. I’m just going to add a little bit to my hands
and then put it on my face. Next I’m using a bb cream, I’m just going
to apply that onto my face using a foundation brush. I’ve actually never used a foundation brush
before, I usually just use a sponge. So if it looks like I’m not doing this right,
that’s why. I feel like it’s pulling at my skin too much. It is a little bit streaky, I don’t know if
you can tell. So I’m just going to go in with a clean disposable
sponge and just pat that around. Get it wet first, squeeze that out. Alright, that’s pretty even, I don’t know
if you can really tell. I feel like this lighting isn’t very good. Next, I’m going to use concealer. Okay, I have a little bit of concealer and
I’m going to just use this small concealer brush and put that where I need it. The bb cream that I used, which is from e.l.f.,
it covers a lot of the scarring and hyperpigmentation pretty well so I just need to put the concealer
on the active breakouts. Next I’m going to use a lighter under eye
concealer for highlighting. I’m going to use the back of the same sponge
I just used and I’m just going to pat that under my eye. So here’s my face so far. Next I’m just going to add a little bit of
blush. Now I’m just going to lightly do my eyebrows
with a pencil. I’m not going to try to do too much, I just
want to fill in the ends. Lastly, I’m going to curl my eyelashes and
add mascara, just lightly. Actually one more thing, I’m going to apply
a little bit of lip gloss. And I’m done! Okay so here is the final product. Even though I’m suffering from a breakout
right now I think I was still able to achieve the look and I think even if you have acne
you can do this. I was watching a lot of these videos and the
people that were doing them all had really nice skin and so I felt a little discouraged
especially since I had this huge cystic zit that popped out of nowhere and my lip is swollen. But now that I’ve done it I think it’s good
to try even if you have acne, don’t be discouraged seeing everyone with perfect skin. I think it turned out really well. I don’t know if the camera is picking it up
as well. I think in real life it looks really good. It has a nice glowy undertone to it and I
really like it. I hope you enjoyed this video, please give
it a like and subscribe. Also leave me a comment letting me know what
you thought about this video. Thank you so much for watching and I will
see you next time!

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