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I swear, I’m not doing this just to get your attention hi, I’m Olena of and the reason why I come to you today Talking about exfoliation is because I got a new exfoliant yesterday and exfoliation has been kind of top of mind for me recently Because I’ve been seeing really amazing results when I’m more diligent with my exfoliation routine. It’s no secret that I am a big fan of exfoliating, specifically with chemical exfoliants and manual exfoliants So in case you don’t know the difference… a chemical exfoliant is usually an acid that you use Technically it’s a controlled chemical burn on the outside of your of your skin You know, getting rid of dead skin cells. It’s really not as terrible as it sounds. It’s amazing for your skin! And there are very gentle chemical exfoliants that you can actually use twice a day that just get rid of dead skin cell Build-up. Dead skin cell buildup is terrible For clear skin because then when your sebum is trying to get out through the pore it encounters dead skin cells forms a clog and then the situation kind of starts from there Physical exfoliants are just exfoliants that you use with your hands, you have to apply some rubbing some pressure Some friction in order to get rid of the dead skin cells, so you would do that with like a scrub A peeling gel, a gommage. A lot of people don’t really understand how many times you should Exfoliate a week and the differences in terms of exfoliation and some people use Chemical exfoliants not often enough and some people use scrubs too often right? So there’s a way of doing things that make sense for clear skin and today I want to talk about that because it’s very simple. It really is! So I would recommend Exfoliating with a chemical exfoliant. This for instance, is Paula’s Choice Clear Anti -Redness Exfoliating Solution That is a 2% salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is my go-to for acne-prone skin because it is an acid that actually goes through your sebum and Inside the pore and clears up the gunk that’s inside your pores. Glycolic acid does not do that. Glycolic is not an oil soluble Acid, whereas salicylic acid is. So if you have acne-prone skin if you have clogging…usually you know people get it along their cheek or the forehead This stuff gets rid of that quite beautifully, and you can use it up to twice a day for amazing stunning results. However When you start using chemical exfoliants don’t rush the process! Build up your tolerance and make sure your skin can get used to it And I would start like every other night for a few weeks and then every night And then finally twice a day when your skin feels comfortable with it. Since you’re always chemically exfoliating — like this is the case for me I’m always chemically exfoliating which means that the outer layers of my skin are constantly being shed right. At a little faster pace then Would be the case if I didn’t exfoliate at all. Now my experience with not exfoliating at all was terrible I did that for about six months. I had the worst skin ever so I realized then that exfoliation was really important it really really helps. I then started exfoliating manually or physically like with a scrub specifically my Bioderma Scrub Sebium Exfoliating Purifying Gel which has like really round soft beads because the quality of a physical Exfoliant, Scrub, Gommage, whatever is important because you don’t want to be too abrasive with your skin I started exfoliating once a week, and I found that that wasn’t quite enough. So it made a difference It wasn’t enough and the optimal amount that I find for my skin is twice a week and most dermatologists agree that exfoliating manually twice a week is the ideal amount you don’t have to do it more I mean there are some people especially people on proactiv that literally exfoliate their skin twice a day every day and Manually like they scrub their skin twice a day every day and that is Overkill because what you end up doing is destroying the skin’s surface. It’s too much, okay? Too much is not good and not enough is not good either. That’s what I found. That’s the one thing I’m extremely diligent with my chemical exfoliant, but I’m not as diligent with my Physical exfoliant, and I find that when I’m diligent with both That’s when I have like really amazingly clear skin. It’s bright. It’s clear it feels smoother There’s less breakouts in the long-term I mean, I don’t really breakout anymore But I do get a little congestion here and there and when I am diligent with both of these Chemical and physical exfoliation that’s when my skin is really at its best So this is just something that I’ve learned from personal experience as well as the research that I’ve done that Physically exfoliating is also important twice a week, okay? Just twice a week is optimal don’t skip that second time and you don’t need to do it a third time Twice is optimal. I’m running out of my scrub. Which I love this scrub. It’s done the the trick. It’s nothing fancy It’s just you know round or oval beads in my gel And it’s just very easy to apply and very easy to exfoliate I’ve always loved the idea of gommages I’ve tried them before and have really amazing results and I wanted to get one for a while and yesterday I just randomly ran into the store that had Korean beauty products and this one you can see but this is from the brand or you can kind of see Mizon. It’s a Korean Skincare Brand and this is the Apple Smoothie Peeling gel. What a peeling gel is it’s really a gommage. Gommage, peeling gel these are all synonyms for the same thing What it is is you when you apply this gel you’ll apply it to like dry skin And you kind of let it sit for a while And then you rub it off and as you rub it off the dead skin on the surface of your skin actually come out or off with the gel. Which is really great. It’s a very gentle I’d say, way to exfoliate because you’re not really abrasive with your skin You’re just rolling you know and then the dead skin cells come off with it. It’s a very cool technology I don’t perfectly understand how it works in terms of the actual you know chemistry and blah blah But it does work in terms of exfoliation for sure and so I’m really excited to try a gommage, wow Just started raining in Lviv, I’m in Lviv, Ukraine, for the record. Yeah, I’m excited to try this my own peeling gel because the Koreans they do peeling gels really well And they do a lot of skincare really well although as you guys know I’m a big fan of Bioderma and a big fan of Paula’s Choice and once in a while, I do try out some new products — it does happen I mean I’m very weary of trying out new products because you know I have kind of figured out things that really work well and the combination of things that I’ve figured out work amazingly well together and this is something really important for everybody to understand… is that EVERY PART OF YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE MATTERS! So if your cleanser, whoa it’s It’s raining cats and dogs outside! That’s what I’m looking at right now There’s a park across the street and if any part of your skin care routine is somehow Doing your skin at a disservice then the whole thing falls apart. A lot of people don’t think that cleansers are important when I find that They’re like probably the most important thing. If your cleanser is too drying, too alkaline too heavy and leaves a film on your skin and doesn’t actually clean Is too harsh… if your cleanser doesn’t work then the rest of your skincare routine has to kind of make up for what the cleanser has done to your skin and that means that the rest of the skincare routine can’t really do its job properly if you’re destroying your acid mantle with a wrong cleanser. Same thing with your exfoliants. If you’re not exfoliating enough, or if you’re over exfoliating then your moisturization routine has to make up for the damage that you’re causing or like in the case of not exfoliating enough then your moisturization routine or your moisturization product can’t probably Penetrate as well and work as well because your skin is covered with a layer of dead skin cells that with time get thicker and Grosser and then your pores really have a hard time Working properly. The subum has to come up and to come out. You have to keep your pores open and clean So that things can work beautifully. If you’re not you know protecting your skin from the sun with a good sunscreen then All the awesomeness that you do is then basically destroyed by the sun because your skin is weakened your collagen and elastin is being destroyed your pores are getting wonky and therefore, when sebum tries to get through the pore, it has an even harder time getting through the pore, so literally every step of your skincare routine has to actually do what it’s meant to do and do it well so that the other products don’t have to pick up the slack. That makes sense It’s kind of like teamwork, right? All the products work together to get you the results that you want. But, I will maintain though a skincare routine is super important because your face is constantly dealing with the elements outside. Dealing with pollution, with dust, dirt, makeup What-have-you, so it’s important that you protect your skin on the outside! But protecting your skin on the outside is not enough. If you’re not protecting it on the inside by feeding it yummy Nourishing whole foods you know, getting enough fat so that your skin is really vibrant and hydrated and by fats I of course mean healthy fats like avocado Nuts, seeds, olive oil, so everything has to work together to To help you heal basically. You have to support yourself from every aspect That means your skin Like on the outside and it means the food that you eat, the thoughts that you think Everything works together and more of these things that you implement the better your skin will ultimately be But just keep in mind that in terms of implementing a skincare routine it takes about I’d say a good two months to see real results. You know like you might see results in a week or two just by introducing a chemical exfoliant or Physical exfoliant into your routine. You will start seeing visible results in a week or two But I mean big results where your marks start to fade and you’re acne really starts to dissipate It might take about two months and more and then in terms of diet. It takes about I’d say depending on you know how much damage has been caused and you know it’s a hormonal imbalance or if it’s like leaky gut It might take around six months to heal so it’s really important that you’re realistic with yourself and if you have to give a time you have to be very patient for all this stuff to work because it will work but It won’t work if you stop too soon You know it’s really important that you keep going and that you keep listening to your body and that you keep trying your best because if you don’t Then nobody else will do that for you Finally the missing piece of the puzzle is always the way you think about things that we frame Your experience your relationship with yourself is what really ultimately what it comes down to so if you are super kind and loving to yourself and The nice skin and the good health will come much much sooner than you think! That was it for today I hope I covered everything I think Now you know that exfoliation is extremely important, but it’s also important to take the rest of your skincare Routine very seriously for best results but also You know the food that you need, the supplements that you take, the thoughts that you think — all these things play a role in not only your skin health but your overall health and the joy that you ultimately get out of life So I will talk to you soon — if you have questions You can write to me at [email protected] You can visit me at You can sign up for the best hacks I have for clear skin at where I share my best hacks for clear skin by the way, I’m sitting here with no makeup on and feeling super super happy in my own skin, and it’s an amazing AMAZING feeling and I really hope that if your skin isn’t perfect right now that you understand that that’s totally totally temporary and that your happiness and joy doesn’t have to depend on your skin at its current state. Love you. Talk to you soon. Bye

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