how to dissolve kidney stones naturally home remedies with Gokhru

Welcome To my Channel “Tips For Healthy Life” more than 20 million, kidney becoming fail yearly Why it is happening, it is long story we will make video again in future Do you know about it’s symptom a reduced amount of urine,swelling of your legs, ankles, and feet from retention of fluids unexplained shortness of breath,excessive drowsiness or fatigue,persistent nausea. confusion,pain or pressure in your chest. swelling of your legs, ankles, and feet your body become lazy These are some important symptoms about kidney failure we use english & homeopathic medicines for cure but God gave amazing gift for us But we ignore it due to less knowledge about it we have forgot our forefather’s home remedies A medicine that will make your kidney new as it was the time of born but we have forgot it due to literacy If we don’t ignore home remedy then we can cure at home with small effort like that small problems in kidney this medicine will break kidney stones naturally It will make all the internal system as new born Now i want to tell about that amazing medicine I request before telling about that Please Share it with all the people about that you know So that they may remain safe from kidney problems It will increase power in your body You know,Camel in the desert when the season of this herbal has been ended Then camels turn into feeble and weak As the season of this herbal come,it make stong them they get their power back in some days The name of this herbal is “gukhro” in Hindi The name of this herbal is “Small Kartroop” in English It is in the shape of swell You can see on the screen It is a special gift for human by God Now hear, The uses of it If anyone have any problem in kidney You should use a coffee of this herbal in the morning and evening I hope and 100% sure, it will work for you you can make it’s juice or shake Take 2 cup water and heat it when it will warm then add this herbal in hot water Heat it till The water will remain 1 cup and drink it There is no need to add any other thing in this Resepe drink it morning and evening after 1 hour of dinner use it for 15 to 20 days and then go to doctor for test Doctors will be stunned, how it became happen If you ignore it then it will become harmful Disease Mostly we ignore some herbals because if it is less expensive This is not good A long research is occur on it at this time in the India You can search it’s benefits on google You can write there “Gukhro for Kidney” then you will fined a hard research on it A lot of hospitals in the India, are selling a powder of this herbal it is also selling with the name “gokhru pak” people don’t know about it due to lake of knowledge This is the medicine of today, i hope, it will be liked by you you should subscribe our Channel “Tips For Healthy life” because we take lot of videos on Health & fitness this videos are helpful for mankind If you subscribe us then you will never miss our new incoming videos when we upload a new video, you will receive a notification from our channel Good bye till next incoming video

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