How to Cover Up Severe Acne | Acne Treatment

So, if you have garden variety acne, usually
normal make-up is enough to cover your pimples. But if you have very, very severe acne, sometimes
that’s not enough. Green make-up can be very helpful in covering
the redness associated with acne. But even better, is the make-up called Dermablend. Dermablend, was invented by a Dermatologist
about 30 years ago and is used to cover up many different disfigurements, whether it
be birthmarks or tattoos or burns. It can also be used to cover very severe acne. Now the important thing about this is that,
you need to put it on correctly, so it doesn’t look too heavy, and in not a good way and
there is a video that’s very helpful on their website that can show you how to do that. I also want to say, if you have such severe
acne, that you’re requiring something like Dermablend, please see a Dermatologist, consider
going on Accutane, consider doing photodynamic therapy. There are things out there that can help you.

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  • Never said this before… but I got the first view.

  • I worked for a company where they did all this sort of thing. It pains me to say it does work. HOWEVER. So does drinking 2 liters of water a day and eating healthily. I saw clients spending thousands of pounds on derma peels with all the expensive aftercare stuff. Unless your skin lacks elasticity please don't bother! Controlled diet avoiding caffeine is all you need do. You will also feel better as well as looking it too.

  • I eat healthily, only ever drink water, never have caffine and I still have really bad skin!!!

  • more like 200

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