How to Cover Up Pimples

I’m wondering how many videos I can go in
a row with my grandpa playing Peking opera in the background. I think I’m gonna break
a world record. Anyway,
I have come to a conclusion that pimples are like your funny uncle at relatives’ weddings.
They break out – not on the dancefloor, but rather on my face.
Puberty is great. Throughout middle school and high school,
I never really dealt with acne. My skin was pretty clear most of the time; every now and
then I would get one or two pimples from stress or something. But for some reason, now that
I’m in college, I’m dealing with… the redness, and the bumps, and the… all these
things. So puberty told me that it would not make me look any older than 12, but it decided
to knock on my door once I entered university, which is great. And I always felt terrible
when, growing up, my family felt the need to remind, um, my older sister and my cousins
that they were going through this change in their skin. The torch has now been passed
down to me because whenever I go have dinner with my family, they’ll say things like,
“You have red spots on your face. Did you know that?”
So in today’s video, I’m going to be teaching you how to cover up those ~hot pockets [hot
pockets jingle]~ of oil on your face. I’m going to be using this BB cream. Um,
you could use concealer. Doesn’t matter. So take whatever product you’re using, apply
it to the area… [laughter]
This is the only… [more laughter as I realize I’m actually an idiot]
This is the only 100% effective way that I can think of. Stick it to mother nature in
the very literal sense. Thanks for watching! I make videos every Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Saturday, and I hope you have a great day. Byeee~ [aggressive sneeze]

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