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Hi today’s videos about how to cover up
pimples my name is Melissa Van Dijk and I’m a professional makeup artist and if
you like to you can join me every Sunday on my Facebook page where I’m doing live makeup tutorials and everything is down below in the description box and now
without further ado let’s get right into this video I’m sure that you know the
problem that if you have some pimples that you want to cover them up but
sometimes you want to use a little bit more product than usual because you just
want to get rid of the appearance of your pimples but this can be making it
worse so I’m going to show you now two different ways how to cover up pimples
and you also can mix the different ways to one full face makeup and then I’m
also going to get you through step-by-step so that you can understand
what it does to your skin and as you can see I still have some pimples that
normally I can get them once a month which is great and now they’re in the
healing process but still this one is just coming out and one right here so
it’s all about the redness which makes it worse so I’m going to show you how to
just neutralize the redness so that you have a really nice and flawless skin
just keep in mind that you can’t really hide the bump from the pimple but you
just can make it less visible so now let’s move on to step number one step
number one start by using a primer to help you concealer to stay in place if
you have an oily skin take an oil control primer to make sure that the
makeup will last you all day long this is a color correcting concealer
wheel and I’m sure that you have already heard of it and you can get it also in
different not really textures but in different tones so these are quite
neutral so it has like a skin tone but still with a greenish undertone to it
and you can also get the green Reds and so these are full on these are bold
colors but I personally do not like them because it’s a little bit difficult to
cover them up with your foundation so you have to use even more product that’s
why I prefer the more skin toned colors with just a hint of a greenish undertone
to it and this will do the same job so green neutralizes the red because the
pimples are mostly red I’m going to use the greenish shade right here and I’m
going to apply it just on my pimples so just use a little bit and apply to your
pimples so that it just neutralizes the reb that you have an even combust later
on when you are going to apply a foundation to cover up your pimples you
can use a concealer but also in lip brush it just needs to be a tiny brush so that
you can just apply to your pimples where the redness is this step is optional so
if you have redness around your pimples then use this color correcting greenish
tone of concealer and this will just neutralize the redness but if you don’t
have any redness around your pimples then just skip this step step number three take a fluffy
eyeshadow brush or any random fluffy brush to apply some translucent powder
over the greenish concealer to set the concealer so that when you are applying
the foundation that it won’t move for step number two applying your
foundation with a brush or Beauty Blender whichever you prefer is the
easiest way to cover them up and I personally prefer to use a damp Beauty
Blender because it gives me the quickest and also the flawless looking finish and
now we can move on to step number five step number five choose a concealer in
your skintone color two spot conceal now you just can add a little bit more
coverage to the areas which you still can see the pimples looking through and
so you don’t have to use too much product over your whole face but just
add a little bit where your pimples are for step number six use a little bit of
translucent powder with a fluffy brush and apply it to your pimples because you
have applied some concealer earlier you can now set it with some translucent
powder so that it won’t move so now when you want to move on to the
rest of your makeup just make sure that you know what you’re doing and it also
depends on your product so if it’s liquid don’t set your face at first do
it later on and then you now you can apply just some liquid products like
liquid contour or any eyeshadows or blush and then later on you can set it
with translucent powder and if you’re using those from powder products then
just make sure that you set this face now with some translucent powder and
then you can move on to your powder products like powder blush and also
powder contour so just keep this in mind so that you can get a really nice result
and also a flawless and even makeup look this was the video about how to cover up
your pimples and I hope that you could learn something from it and that you can
try it at home because it still works just make sure that you are powdering
between each layer and now I like to link you to another video which is also
a really helpful video and this is for the next step on how to go and come –
which is right here so go and check it out it’s a really good one and you can
also subscribe to my channel this is right here in the corner thank you so
much for supporting me and I will see you soon bye

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