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Teaching me the proper way to cover up a pimple. We are gonna cover that guy. Please! Whenever you have a pimple,
or something that you want to hide, you want to make sure that your skin is really glowing. Maybe do a really beautiful eye look. So that way no one is actually gonna be looking. You’re using so much less on your brush than I normally do when I try to cover up a pimple. Yeah, that’s the key. Several light layers. I’m going to use a
slightly warmer color. A very peachy toned concealer. Because my pimple is really dark, that’s why you’re going for a peach tone? Exactly. So I always say, peaches for blueberries
and bananas for cherries. The peach counteracts the blue. And if you have more of a red pimple, you can use something that has a little more yellow to it. I’m targeting the area first and then, almost like a bullseye, just circling right around it. You have more of a golden undertone so I’m going in with something that
is a little bit more gold. On the concealer side, I’m just
going to set the work. Because we’re being really strategic today we want to use something really small and fluffy. If you just try and blend it right away, it’ll actually remove the makeup that we
spent all of this time going in and layering on. Then I can go all the way around and blend out the perimeter. Awesome! There you go! So then it should be set for all day long. Oh my God! Where’d it go?! He’s gone! We should waive goodbye to it. Yes. Peace out pimple! I finally learned the
proper way to cover up a pimple. Thank you so much Kelli! You’re welcome, you’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for. So excited! I almost want another one just so I could practice.

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