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follow me since my day 1 retinol I actually blogged the experience starting
my retinol a 3-month retinol update and next week I’m posting my six-month
retinol update you guys have just been loving this series so I thought today I
would sit down with you and share with you exactly how i apply my retinol
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let’s dive right into today’s video how to apply prescription-strength the
retin-a how to apply prescription-strength the retinol let’s
do it alright guys so I’m starting this video off with completely cleansed skin
I did shower about an hour ago it’s super important before you apply
prescription-strength retinol to have completely dry skin I’ve got my
tretinoin cream here my stiva a cream now when i first got out of the shower
with freshly cleansed skin the first thing that i did was apply a light layer
of toner this is gonna lightly moisturize the skin just so that it’s
not too dry when you first get out of the shower and then after i applied my
toner i let my skin dry for a full hour and here we are what i like to do is
take a small pea-sized amount of retinol and I just like to apply it to the back
of my hand that way I can kind of keep track of how
much product I’m using I just go ahead and put a healthy pea-sized amount right
on the back of my hand I’m just gonna go ahead and put my tube off to the side
here I like to start to apply my retinol in
my most troubled area my most textured area and that’s definitely under the eye
and along the nose you guys if you follow my channel for a while now you
know that I suffer from texture and build up in my nose region I don’t know
if any of you guys out there suffer from the same thing but the pores on my nose
you guys are gigantic if I stopped using retinol I can tell on my nasal region
almost immediately like the day after I can start to feel that build-up but ever
since I started retinol it’s really controlled the texture in this area also
if you’re someone who suffers from melia or little bumps under the eye it’s
really nice to take that retinol along the orbital bone it will travel up
closer to the eye so don’t get too close but close enough if you have any of that
build-up or Miglia under the eye retinol is amazing at getting rid of that now
the next area that I apply retinol to my face is my forehead area
I also have a lot of texture and build up along the forehead area I know you
guys can’t really tell but I do have a little bit of a depression or like a
dimple in the middle of my forehead so I get a lot of buildup and blackheads kind
of right in the middle here that’s where I like to focus the retinol really make
sure that the application is even spread around and ever since I started retinol
my forehead has been so smooth you guys it has eliminated almost all texture as
if you exfoliate it’s amazing next up I like to specifically treat the mouth
area in my marionette lines I mean you guys I hate my marionette lines but ever
since I started retinol and applying it on this area I have seen amazing
dramatic results my wrinkles definitely don’t sit in the creases anymore like
they used to this area is so much more luminous I like to get a nice layer all
around this area especially on the chin you could be surprised how dull the skin
on your chin is until you start using a retinol if you’re a guy out there with
facial hair using a retinol really helps to turn that skin over faster preventing
ingrown hairs and really allowing the hair just to grow a lot more freely
without any congestion which is like a lifesaver to me now I like to take the
rest of the retinol and apply it directly to the outside of the face the
outer side that my face is where I have most of my sunspots so I like to
specifically focus on the outside here and I like to go ahead and just apply it
evenly all to the perimeter of my face I love to do this application because that
way I know that my face is completely covered in retinol so I get the maximum
benefits everything is nice and even illuminated now what my dermatologist
recommended after applying the retinol is waiting a full hour before you apply
your nighttime moisturizer or a nighttime face mask giving the retinol a
full hour to really do its magic so with the power of video editing I’m gonna
come back in one hour and we’ll apply my moisturizer and just like that guys
we’re back it’s an hour later I had a great little lunch my retinol has been
sitting on my skin doing its thing doing its magic I’m gonna go ahead and apply
my lineage water sleeping mask right on top guys it’s key if you’re using a
prescription-strength retinol to make sure you’re using a moisturizer after
the application has dried down applying a moisturizer on top of the retinol is
really gonna help prevent any of that dryness or flaking any of that kind of
like zombie skin which we are definitely trying to avoid so I’m just going to
take a nice decent sized amount of this water sleeping mask and apply generously
all over the skin and apply an overnight mask is my personal favor
because I really like to get those intense moisturization benefits I mean
look at this you guys and that guy’s is a wrap on how I apply my prescription
strength of retina nay how I apply my prescription strength retinol if you
apply my layering method of retinol you’re gonna have flawless looking skin
in no time if you guys have any tips on how to apply retinol let me know in the
comments down below I love to talk to you I love to hear from you guys make
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video I love and appreciate you so so much I hope you’re having an awesome day
night till the next video guys I can’t wait to see you then bye guys

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  • Thank you Trevor! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇦🇺

  • Can't wait for the update 😆

  • My 10 year old began Retin a this summer for mild acne. I can’t sing it’s praises enough! My daughter’s skin looks beautiful.

  • Retinolakes my skin so try and dull what do I do… Incorporate moisturizer or

  • I think this is tretinoin. Not retinol.

  • Love your videos! I feel like your healthy pea size goes a lot further than mine! I find myself using two doses at a time. My Tretinoin is a gel consistency – different from your bright white cream. Also, I often moisturize beforehand – do you think that is making the retinol less effective?

  • Hi Trevor, I love your videos.  I have orange peel texture on my chin mainly and was wondering if you can give any advice.  Have a great day, and thanks

  • Hi been told not use it with anything , just use it alone before you sleep 45 mins after you wash your face with a foam wash ( simple brand is good ) and , and to use tretnoin once a week at night only ! But some do mix moisturising creams too … but prefer not to , next morning wash your face and pat dry then use a really good ointment .. pure potions intensive moisturising ointment is real good , not so expensive ? And maybe add a drop of rose hip oil with an spf of 30 or 50 , doesn’t matter what season your in! Use an spf !!!! I also use toners by the brand ordinary which is amazing which I recommmned

  • yes your video answered my question! did your dermatologist say why to wait an hour after retinol to apply moisturizer? if i want a whole hour after washing my face i might fall asleep 😭

  • I feel like you used more than what's recommended. That was like double the amount I use. Your idea of "pea-sized" is very liberal lol :p

  • Hey I love your videos!! Thanx for the advice.. but I have a question.. how should I include tretinoin in my Korean skincare routine? I used to apply it after my serums… But as I understood from ur videos it's not correct… So.. any ideas?

  • So are you supposed to leave this overnight?

  • Massaging tretinoin like this makes skin extremely dry and irritated!! The massage must be very gentle proper but not vigorous!!!

  • I just got my retin a prescription and I read the instructions. Why it says it's not allowed to use it around nose?

  • why is ur skin around ur eyes look so white

  • So you'll gonna wash your face the next morning?

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