How Silver Can Help Acne. Story from Jennifer

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Jenifer came to me and she had acne that
was so bad that it was interfering with her life. Her social life, all of her life. She actually started to
develop depression from it, and she was staying
home and home schooling instead of going to school
and enjoying the life that she really wanted to have. When she came and demonstrated
to me what she was doing for that acne, it wasn’t much different than
what I’ve seen out there. And she was stripping off the outer layers of her skin with a chemical
peel, hoping that she would just burn off all of that problem. Well, when I got to
introduce her to why she was having the problem, she got
it all under control and she utilized the correct tools. When you realize that
your skin has layers, and on the top layer it’s
supposed to flake off and the dissipation of
those dead skin cells, open up your pores so that the oils can come out through your
Sebum is what we call it, the Sebum can come out
from a Sebaceous gland. In other words you need to sweat but if the dry skin cells on
the top won’t let you sweat, and clog the pore, that oil
stays down in that pocket that little gland starts to swell, you produce more and more
and more and that grease kinda turns into a pasty substance, and then it starts to
eat away at the tissue. When it’s eating away at
the tissue, it’s called pus. So we have this grease forming,
and we have this pus forming and you’re getting a big acne wound. It’s literally wound, so we’ve
got to clean the surface. I like to use Silver Soap. Why? It’s non-toxic number one,
you see most of the soaps out there and face cleansers
have alcohols and have sodium lauryl sulfate and
have agents that are supposed to keep anything from growing
in the soap but instead they just burn your skin. So we started with a
soap that’s non-toxic, and it’s all natural
and it has Silver in it. So when you softly, take all
of those dead skins cells of by washing your face, then
we have little bits of silver that stay as a residual. Now you’ve got a little
protection, now you’ve got the ability to destroy the
cause of acne which is bacteria. So if bacteria gets in your
sweat glands or in your hair follicles and gets trapped
because your skin’s too dry or too oily, and it gets
trapped in a pocket, it’s going to consume
your skin, produce pus and leave you with scars. The key to acne is, don’t
allow any bacteria in. And if it’s in there, easily exfoliate, gently exfoliate the skin. Now with a little bit
of Silver Gel after you wash your face and pat it dry, you’re gonna have a protection layer. In addition to that, recognize
that you can go ahead and put any of your make-up on
afterward, but let it dry. Wash your face, pat it
dry, put on the gel, now you can put on the make-up. In this way and in this series, you’re gonna have protection. (upbeat percussive music)

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