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When you put your hands in this, it feels
so good. Hey guys. I’m here at the Lush factory in Toronto. I’m going to learn a little bit about their
products today. Lush is a cruelty free brand. Every ingredient from where it is sourced
to the products that are made in the factory um, are never tested on animals. Lush tries really hard to use certified organic
and fresh ingredients wherever possible. Let’s get started. I got to sit down and talk with Assistant
Manager Vanessa about Lush’s natural ingredients specifically those in the Angels on Bare Skin
Cleanser which I’ll be making today. My entryway into the brand was the first product
that I ever tried. It was the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. So, the ingredients were actually based on
a medieval recipe that Lush found. Yeah, so it was like an old like a chapbook
that had different facial cleansers that you could create and this one was like a ground
almonds and lavender facial cleanser. There’s these amazing lavender buds all
throughout the product which um, will release lavender essential oil um, plus there is lavender
essential oil in here um and then we have Kaolin clay which is a really nice deep
cleansing clay. Yeah and I think that’s why I like it so
much. Clay is a good way to really cleanse your skin
without drying it out. Like, soapy cleanser just make my skin feel super tight
and it’s not a great feeling. It’s been amazing being able to touch all
the ingredients and learn about them so, thank you for showing us the ropes. Next I put on my apron and headed into the
factory to learn how they compound Angels on Bare Skin and let me tell you the factory
smells so good. I’m here with my pal Violeta who’s a compounder
at Lush who’s going to teach me how to make the cleanser from start to finish. First ingredient… First ingredient, what is that? Is uh, glycerin. We will pour the water. the next ingredient, fragrance. The next ingredient is the almond ground and
then the Kaolin Clay. We’re done mixing. We’re going to roll it outside to do the
logs and the toppings, the lavender toppings. I can give this to you and you can add the
toppings. All this nice lavender and put it in here. Spread it out there. Now who’s this? Oh, that’s me. That’s Violeta. Everything that’s made today is going to
get stamped um, appropriately with a date so you know when it was packaged and manufactured
here. I am proud to put my face sticker onto my
product. This is my integrity and I’m sure it’s
me. How did I do? Amazing. Thank you guys. Thank you guys for teaching me. it was really really fun. You’re welcome. Alright. back to work? Back to work. I had so much fun hanging with the Lush crew
today. Honestly, it was a surreal experience seeing
these products made and I can’t wait to go back.

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